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Meet Stella Luchetta: The Long-Time Partner of Ellen Corby



Stella Luchetta

Stella Luchetta is a name that may not ring a bell for most people, but for those who knew her, she was an exceptional woman who lived an inspiring life. She was famous for being the long-time partner of Ellen Corby, an Emmy-winning actress who is best known for her role in The Waltons. The story of Stella Luchetta, however, goes beyond her relationship with Ellen Corby.

Stella was born in 1904 in San Francisco, California, and she grew up in a large family of Italian immigrants. Despite being raised in a conservative and traditional household, she was always progressive and fiercely independent. After completing her education, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career.

It was in LA that she met Ellen Corby in the early 1940s. At the time, Ellen was married to her first husband, but the two women hit it off immediately and began a relationship that would last over three decades. They lived together as partners for 32 years until Ellen’s death in 1999.

Even though Stella was not involved in the entertainment industry, she played an essential role in Ellen’s career. She was her constant companion, provided her emotional support, and took care of her during her final years when Ellen’s health began to deteriorate. Stella was Ellen’s rock, and for many people, she was also an inspiration.

Stella was an active member of the LGBTQ+ community, and she was a strong advocate for gay rights. She supported several charities and organizations that helped marginalized people, including the Lesbian Services Program and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center. She was also known for her social activism and political involvement.

When Luchetta and Corby first met, they were essentially indistinguishable from one another up to Ellen’s demise. At no point did Stella or Ellen make any mention of their ties with the media.

Luchetta, Stella Investigates Internet Prices Her intimate relationship with Ellen is the main aspect that contributed to Stella Luchetta’s vital consciousness. There are no online reports about her entire property or her calling.
She shared a home with American entertainer Ellen for a good 50 years before Ellen passed away. Corby was introduced as an American entertainer and playwright, as many people are likely aware.

Stella passed away in 2000 at the age of 96, leaving behind a legacy of love, compassion, and activism. Her life story is a testament to the struggles and triumphs of LGBTQ+ individuals, and her contribution to the community will always be remembered.

In conclusion, Stella Luchetta may have been known to the world as the long-time partner of Ellen Corby, but she was much more than that. She was a trailblazer, a fighter, and a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community. Her life and legacy will continue to inspire people for generations to come.

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