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Korean manhwa that explores bullying, kidnapping, int’l crime themes



Many vices are constituting a menace to the current global world order. Mercenary Enrollment discusses these vices or contemporary themes that impact society today.

It dissects the tale of survival instinct and how those in the underworld attempt to live their lives. It also showcases what the vulnerable experience at the hands of their oppressors while trying to live sane in what is meant to be a just and fair society. This manhwa is a tell-it-all story.

What is Mercenary Enrollment?

What is Mercenary Enrollment?

Mercenary Enrollment is a Korean manhwa written by YC and illustrated by Rak Hyun. It is also known as Teenage Mercenary or Ipak Yongbyeong. The story follows Ijin Yu, who is the sole survivor of a plane crash that took his parents’ lives when he was eight years old. He becomes stranded in a foreign land and has to become a mercenary to survive.

Ten years later, he reunites with the remaining members of his family in Korea where he lives amid wealth. However, Ijin Yu soon learns that life as a teenager is different from that of a mercenary. With only one year left to graduate from high school, he has to learn how to survive high school. The question is, can high school survive him?

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Mercenary Enrollment manga

Mercenary Enrollment manga

Produced and published by STUDIO JHS, Mercenary Enrollment is an ongoing manga that was first released on November 6, 2020, on Naver SERIES. The manga’s genres are action, drama, romance, school life and shounen (boys’ comics). It also explores the themes of bullying, kidnapping and international crimes.

The 19-year-old Ijin Yu is the protagonist. He is described as a gifted, handsome, tall, quiet and grey-haired teenage boy. In his mercenary days, he was regarded as the least of the strongest soldiers of the Special Military Force due to his slender figure. However, he soon outclasses everyone in terms of combat skills introduced in the story except 002, who taught him how to fight. Ijin Yu used to wear olive fatigues and a shemagh to conceal his face.  But he switches to wearing school attire, casual wear and his formal suit (after becoming a bodyguard trainee).

Ijin Yu chooses to keep a low profile after returning to Korea. But he often finds himself protecting his sister, Yu Dayun from bullies, Cha Dusik from other gangsters and 032 from other mercenaries. Ijin Yu is also emotionally stable and has only shown extreme distress when he remembers the plane crash during his childhood. His most striking feature in the manga is his eyes which turn red in a blue aura when he is angry or closed and hidden from view when he is happy.

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Other important characters in the manga are the following:

  • Ijin’s grandfather, who was devastated about hearing of the plane crash. He mourned his dead family for years until he learned that his grandson was alive. Ijin Yu subsequently began living with his grandfather and they are very close.
  • Lieutenant Kang Hamchan, who helps Ijin Yu trace his family and retire from mercenary work.
  • Park Yeongchan, a nerd and Ijin’s benchmate and friend in high school.
  • Lee Jaehyung and Ju Hyeokjin, two class bullies who later repent after witnessing Ijin Yu beat Kim Kisoo and his gang. 
  • Koh Sukjoo, a classmate and bodyguard at SW group.
  • Shin Yuna, heiress of the SW group and classmate of Ijin Yu and Sukjoo.
  • Shin Jiyeh, Yuna’s elder cousin, director and heiress of the SW group.
  • SW bodyguards.

How to read Mercenary Enrollment

How to read Mercenary Enrollment

Mercenary Enrollment currently has about 153 chapters so far. It is being published on Naver WEBTOON, a Korean comic book publishing platform.

You can also read it on Webtoons.

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