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Top 10 Mike Wazowski memes that bring back childhood memories



Monsters Inc. is a fan favourite. The Disney and Pixar movie made its debut in 2001 and one of its iconic characters is Mike Wazowski. It has been over 20 years since the little green guy came into our lives and he has now become one of the most popular memes on the internet.

This article discusses what Mike Wazowski means and the top 10 memes from this iconic character.

What is Mike Wazowski’s meme?

The Mike Wazowski meme is an image of the fictional character of Monsters Inc., which was swapped with his best friend and colleague, James P. “Sulley” Sullivan. Wazowski is a green, one-eyed, round monster with two small horns. Sulley is a monster with light blue fur, purple spots, dark blue eyebrows and horns. Both characters were swapped, resulting in Wazowski having two eyes in most memes.

The origin of the meme can be traced to Sulley-Core’s Facebook post on July 14, 2019, which swapped the faces of the popular characters. The post went viral and got over 1100 likes and more than 6800 shares.

According to Know Your Meme, the Mike Wazowski meme first became popular among the Spanish audience before going viral globally. Since then, the meme has continued to be popular across various social media platforms, with some of the memes editing out Sulley

Top 10 Mike Wazowski memes

1. Bad belle teacher

Bad belle teacher

As in, why can the teacher not understand that having fun is part of learning? You have probably experienced something like this and it can be annoying. Mike’s face says it all. Bad belle teacher!

2. When you want to beg for your ball back

When you want to beg for your ball back

In those years when children are allowed to play in the streets unsupervised, this often happens. Football is one of the favourite sports among boys and more often than not, they kick the ball into another person’s compound. You know you are in trouble but you want your ball back anyway. So how do you beg for it? You make that face.

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3. Teacher, mark my homework, abeg!

Teacher, mark my homework, abeg!

Schoolchildren generally do not like homework. They prefer to play after learning at school. Some succeed in skipping their homework, landing them in trouble with their teachers. If that is you, how would you feel when your teacher forgets to check in homework on the day you did it? Yeah, that was how Mike Wazowski felt.

4. It is not funny!

It is not funny!

It feels good to have your friend laugh at your jokes. But it is no longer funny when the same friend repeats the joke louder to the whole class and takes credit for it. Ah, that is a low-key copyright offence. That friend must pay!

5. Stop staring!

Stop staring!

Kids can be creepy sometimes. Imagine sitting in a bus and this kid is staring at you like you have an alien on your head. For an adult, that is just rude and creepy as hell. But kids will be kids. Part of being innocent is throwing your inhibitions out the window. You find something or someone fascinating even for the slightest reason, you stare right at them.

6. When you are feeling like Celine Dion instead of concentrating on your studies

When you are feeling like Celine Dion instead of concentrating on your studies

We have all been there. Listening to music is a great way to relax and tune out other distractions. Now, you are listening to a collection of blues with your earpiece, when your favourite number begins to play. Before you know it, you are singing along loudly, forgetting the books you are supposed to study. Not your fault. Music can do that to anyone.

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7. No game

No game

Every parent knows that one of the effective ways to keep your hyperactive kids quiet is to let them play games on your phone. In this world of the internet and technology, smartphones have made parenting somewhat easier. You do not have to spend all day yelling at your kids, especially during the holidays when they are at home. Just download a kids-friendly game and have your peace. If you do not have a game, that expression on Mike Wazowski’s face is the frontrunner for a head-splitting tantrum.

8. Pissed teacher

Pissed teacher

Being a teacher can be difficult. You are supposed to be impacting knowledge. But it is one thing to do it and another to have students who are willing to accept. Imagine spending all night drafting lesson notes, only for your students to tell you how it sucks. And you wonder why some teachers do not have a sense of humour. If you had a teacher who acted like they were constipated when they were around students, this is probably the reason.

9. Story, story

Story, story

Kids are often chatterboxes. They are full of energy and will spend most of their time having fun, even in school. You are going to have an earful when they get home. But were once like that when were their age. We wanted to tell our parents everything… well, at least things that would not get us into trouble.

10. Aww…


There is no love greater than a mother’s love for her child. Mothers have proven that over and over again, even with little things like leaving a loving note in their children’s lunchboxes. If your mother did this when you were growing up, come to our WhatsApp meeting with that huge smile on your face.

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