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Adult film actress who transitioned from masseuse to pornstar at 18



For enthusiasts of adult content, particularly those with an inclination for Asian performers, Mina Luxx could be the ideal model to explore. Emerging in the adult entertainment industry, she is swiftly garnering recognition, and her presence is steadily becoming familiar. Over the past few years, her contributions to the industry have cultivated a notable following on social media platforms.

This article delves into more details about the rising figure in the adult business and provides insights into her career journey thus far.

Mina Luxx’s biography

Mina Luxx selfie in bed

Mina Luxx, born on March 15, 2002, is a model and actress who has made a name for herself in the adult film industry. She hails from Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States of America. While details about her early life and education are not explicitly made public, her career began in 2022, when she entered the adult film sector at the age of 20.

While Luxx was brought up in America, her upbringing was rooted in a typical Asian household in North Carolina, where she also received her education. Despite certain online sources, including IMDb, incorrectly stating her origin as South Korea, Luxx has clarified in an interview with BANG! that she is originally from Laos, a country in Southeast Asia.

Luxx also expressed that she loves her Asian ethnicity, especially the food, stating that Tai food is her favourite. Speaking more about her personal life, she stated that she enjoys hiking and cooking.

Known for her captivating looks and talent, she quickly gained recognition in the entertainment industry, particularly in the adult film genre. In terms of body measurements, Luxx stands at 5 feet, 1 inch (1.54 metres) and weighs 48 kg (105 lbs). Her body type is described as slim, with measurements of 32B-24-34. She possesses striking features, including brown eyes and black hair.

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Mina Luxx’s career

Before entering the adult entertainment industry, Luxx had a background working in a massage parlour as a masseuse, providing body rubs to clients. Eventually, she transitioned to offering “happy endings” for additional pay. This experience led her to explore a career in full-fledged pornography.

Luxx has only been in the adult film scene for three years. Starting her journey in the adult film industry in 2020 at the age of 18, she debuted with a film from the renowned “BB Network” studio, making a notable entrance into the world of adult entertainment.

In 2022, at the age of 20, Luxx continued to make strides in her career, collaborating with the “Motley Models” company for her acting debut. This marked her transition into more extensive projects and partnerships with renowned actors and movie productions in the adult film sector.

Since 2022, Luxx has appeared in various pornographic productions and genres within the adult entertainment industry. Her performances have spanned straight, lesbian and group scenes, demonstrating her command of diverse roles. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with several production companies.

Mina Luxx OnlyFans

Luxx has established her presence on the content-sharing platform, OnlyFans, under the username @xxrated.lux. On this platform, she offers a series of exclusive media to her subscribers, which includes a diverse range of content such as photos, videos and sex tapes.

With a growing fan base, Luxx has garnered over 42,500 likes on her OnlyFans account. Her profile description on the platform gives a glimpse of what subscribers can expect: “You know where to find the good stuff baby From BG, GG, Feet Fetish & much much more Only here in my exclusive OnlyFans… ask about my VIP CLUB as well I aim to please here baby,” she wrote.

In terms of content output, Luxx has shared a substantial collection, comprising 597 explicit images and 23 videos, offering a wide variety to cater to different preferences.

To access this exclusive content, subscribers can join her OnlyFans page with a monthly subscription fee of $5, providing them with a gateway to indulge in Luxx’s premium and intimate content.

Mina Luxx’s net worth

Mina Luxx on a magazine

Luxx’s net worth is estimated to fall within the range of $100,000 to $500,000, as per available sources. This estimation encompasses the various streams of income she derives from her career in the adult entertainment industry, including her work as an adult film actress and model and her ventures on platforms like OnlyFans.

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Mina Luxx’s family

Details about Mina Luxx’s family, such as the names of her parents or siblings, are not publicly available yet. Information regarding her family background has not been disclosed or shared in the public domain. Luxx has maintained a level of privacy regarding her personal life, focusing more on her professional endeavours within the adult entertainment industry.

Mina Luxx’s  age

Luxx was born on March 15, 2002. She is 21 years old as of 2023.

Mina Luxx Twitter

Mina Luxx top less

Mina Luxx maintains an active presence on Twitter, where she has amassed a following of 76,700 users. On this platform, she actively engages in conversations with her fans, providing updates on her latest works, videos and various aspects of her life. Luxx uses Twitter as a promotional tool for her adult content, frequently sharing links to her OnlyFans page.

Additionally, she retweets content from other adult content creators on OnlyFans.

In terms of her interactions on the platform, Luxx follows just 160 users as of the time of writing this article. Her Twitter profile includes a link to her OnlyFans page and directs followers to her official Instagram handle, which is @missminaluxx.

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