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A mini cow is just like a normal cow, but only smaller. Rearing cows is one of the most lucrative businesses in the agriculture sector. Although some might describe them as tedious, the rewards make up for whatever stress you may have passed through.

How about knowing that rearing mini cows takes less room and you can have them as pets as well? Want to know how all that works? Read this article.

What is a mini cow?

What is a mini cow?

Mini cows are normal cows that have been bred into smaller sizes. This means they are a lot easier and cheaper to manage since they do not take up too much space and they do not eat and drink as much as regular-sized cows. However, do not expect a lot of milk and flesh from them either due to their sizes.

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This type of cow is selectively bred to be one-third to one-half the size of standard cattle. At the age of three, the mini cow is usually 36 inches and under at the hip. A standard mini cow is usually between 37 and 42 inches tall at the hip, while midsize mini cows are between 43 and 48 inches at the hip.

In addition, they are often considered to be gentle and this makes them great pets to have around. Their calm disposition makes them easy to handle. Mini cows are slightly larger dogs, and they are 100 per cent risk-free around children. So, they can sit on your couch while you watch TV, for instance. They are great for people who want to start the cattle business for the first time.

They can produce up to one and a half gallons of milk per day, making them perfect for hobby farmers. They can also be great meat sources, feeding a family of four for up to six months.

There are several breeds to choose from. According to the International Miniature Cattle Breeder’s Registry, there are more than 26 unique breeds worldwide. They include mini Belted Galloways, Dexters, Zebus, Jerseys, Pandas, Herefords, Angus, Longhorns, Highlands and Holsteins. Some of these cows are traditional breeds while others are a result of several crossbreed programs.

How to get a mini cow

How to get a mini cow

One of the best ways to get a mini cow is through cross-breeding. This means taking your desired regular-sized cow and crossing it with a smaller cow like the Dexters, known for its particularly small stature. The result is usually a smaller-sized cow. Subsequently, cross your small cow with another small cow. Continue doing this and you will get the mini cow that you desire.

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How much is a mini cow?

According to Just Agric, a mini cow costs between $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the size, sex, breed and age. They are often more expensive than regular cows but they are easier to keep and manage.


In summary, these are facts about these cows:

  • Mini cows are normal cows, only bred to be smaller sizes.
  • They are usually ½ to 1/3rd of ordinary cows.
  • They are often considered to be gentle, which makes them great pets to have around.
  • They are great for teaching your children some responsibilities in cattle rearing.
  • Their milk and meat are sufficient enough for a family.
  • There are more than 26 breeds worldwide.
  • Some of these cows are traditional breeds while others are as a result of cross-breeding.
  • Mini cows are often more expensive than regular cows but they are easier to manage.

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