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What you need to know about Clash Royale’s defensive beast



The Mini Pekka is a miniature beast, with incredibly high damage and great speed, making it an ideal tank against heavy hitters like Mega Knight and P.E.K.K.A.

This article shall provide more details about Mini Pekka, such as the basics, best decks, how to counter and some tips to win the coveted trophies.

What is Mini Pekka?

What is Mini Pekka?

According to Clash Royale fandom, Mini Pekka, also known as Mini P.E.K.K.A, is a rare card that is unlocked from the Training Camp of the Clash Royale video game, developed by Supercell in 2016. It is a fast, single-target, ground-targeting, melee, ground troop that can do high damage and get high points. The Mini Pekka is designed in grey metal armour and wields a smaller version of the P.E.K.K.A’s sword. It also wears a helmet with team-coloured horns and a single team-coloured eye.

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The Mini Pekka costs 4 elixir and can be used in a variety of decks ranging from as cheap as 3.2 to decks as expensive as 4.4 elixir. It is also regarded as the best mini-tank in Clash Royale due to its incredibly strong abilities that are valuable for taking down heavy hitters like the Mega Knight.

Everything you should know about Mini Pekka

Everything you should know about Mini Pekka

To win Clash Royale games with Mini Pekka, you must first study your opponent’s deck. The following are the decks that go well with Mini Pekka:

  • Mini Pekka, Mega Minion, Miner, Balloon, Ice Golem, Bats, Freeze, Zap.
  • Mini Pekka, Golem, Baby Dragon, Night Witch, Mega Minion, Royal Delivery, Tornado, Earthquake.
  • Mini Pekka, Hog Rider, Executioner, Bats, Ice Golem, Tornado, Log, Lightning.
  • Mini Pekka, Giant, Graveyard, Executioner, Electro Wizard, Skeleton Army, Poison, Log.
  • Mini Pekka, Royal Ghost, P.E.K.K.A, Battle Ram, Electro Wizard, Minions, Poison, Zap.

Mini Pekka’s strengths and weaknesses

The Mini Pekka is a slow but mighty attacking troop with moderate hit points. It is incredibly strong and can slow down or take down advancing attacks. A Mini Pekka can destroy equally levelled Musketeers, Wizards, Electro Wizards, Ice Wizards,  Princesses and Magic Archers in one hit for a similar Elixir cost. However, it is much more effective when used alongside other decks like the Giant, Poison and Zap.

On the other hand, the it can be easily distracted. It will likely wander off to attack troops when there is a clear lane to the Crown Tower. As a ground troop, it is vulnerable to air attacks, which allows bats and other cheap air troops to take off more positive Elixir from it.

Since the Mini Pekka only takes down one troop at a time, it is also vulnerable to swam troops like  Skeleton Army, and Goblin Gang among others, which can easily take it down.

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How to counter-attack with Mini Pekka

There are various techniques to counter attacks it. First, be aware of the advancing backup spells and troops which are capable of eliminating your defence and gaining a massive advantage. Here are some useful techniques to counter-attack with Mini Pekka:

  • It can act as a tank for an offensive push. However, it is best used defensively against single troops and then for a counterattack due to its slow attack speed but very high damage. So, it is recommended to go on the offensive only after defending an attack.
  • Always push for a counterattack. Use high hitpoint troops, such as the Giant or Golem, to tank all of the damage dealt by opposing units so your Mini Pekka can concentrate on doing the actual massive damage.
  • Do not ignore it in your opponent’s lane. Use the skeletons to destroy that Mini Pekka by placing them in the centre of the Arena, slightly staggered to the opposite lane of the attacking Mini Pakka. The Mini Pakka will be stalled and that would give both Princess Towers time to chip it down. You can also use the Ice Spirit to do the stalling alongside the Skeletons.
  • To protect your Mini Pekka from the skeleton army, use spells like Poison and Zap to avoid the army of Skeletons.
  • Many positive Elixir trades can be made on a Mini Pekka, so it is recommended not to send one down the lane by itself if you do not want to waste Elixir. Instead, back it well with spells and support troops. On the other hand, take full advantage of your opponent’s low Elixir by damaging their tower or forcing a bad trade. When you have the Elixir advantage, send in your Hog Rider to take maximum health from the crowned towers.
  • Apart from attacking and counterattacking, you can use the bridge spam decks which contain multiple troops that are used to target both towers to weaken your opponent. It is usually seen on this deck due to its high DPS. Therefore, use troops like Bandit, Battle Ram, or Royal Ghost on one side as bait for your opponent to drain their Elixir. Then place it on the other side of the bridge to effectively damage their tower.


  • Its name is derived from the Finnish name for “Peter”, which comes from the Greek name “Petros”, meaning stone.
  • The acronym for P.E.K.K.A does not officially stand for anything. However, Supercell held a Facebook contest on August 22, 2012, to see who would win with the perfect meaning of the acronym through the number of likes received. “Perfectly Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins” by one Victor was the winner.
  • Mini Pekka is one of the three troops that are “miniature” versions of another troop in Clash of Clans. The other troops are Baby Dragon and Electro Dragon.
  • Mini Pekka is also one of 19 troops from Clash Royale to reappear in Clash Mini. The others are Knight, Spear Goblins,  Musketeer, Battle Healer, Dart Goblin, Guards, Prince, Giant Skeleton, Mega Knight, Electro Wizard, Miner, Royal Ghost, Ice Wizard, Magic Archer, Bandit, Lumberjack, Fisherman and the Skeleton King.
  • It is said to be male, despite reportedly being based on a female troop, the P.E.K.K.A.
  • It was supposed to be an Epic Card before its release. But it was later changed to a Rare Card after its release.

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