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Spree killer who sacrificed people to the Egyptian deity, Apophis



Now and then, several threads pop up on social media featuring the chilling story of Nikko Jenkins and his atrocities. Regarded as one of the scariest serial killers in recent decades, Jenkins’ story is quite disturbing. His actions not only involved the murder of several innocent individuals but also a series of bizarre behaviours, ranging from suicidal attempts to self-harm. Another unsettling fact about Jenkins’ story was his motive for his atrocities, which centred on fulfilling a disturbing religious belief.

This piece details all that is known about the life of the infamous American spree killer, Nikko Jenkins, including his troubled childhood and the role his family played in his aberrant development.

Who is Nikko Jenkins?

Nikko Jenkins

Nikko Allen Jenkins was born on September 16, 1986, in Omaha, Nebraska, to David Magee and Lori Jenkins. His family background was marked by instability, dysfunction and criminal activity. Jenkins’ parents were involved in various criminal activities, including drug-related offences, which created a turbulent environment for him to grow up in.

He had a turbulent and dysfunctional upbringing at a young age. His family’s history of criminal behaviour, coupled with a lack of stability, played a significant role in shaping his development. He, thus, had a variety of difficulties during his formative years, which influenced his criminal behaviour in the future.

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Neglect, violence and contact with undesirable people defined Jenkins’ childhood. He grew up without the basic support and direction that many kids need for good growth. It is reported that he witnessed drug use, violence, and criminal activities within his household, which had a profound impact on his psychological well-being.

Jenkins’ involvement in illicit activity became more evident as he got older. He had a history of mental illness and was given psychiatric diagnoses such as schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder. These circumstances made his already difficult upbringing much worse.

His criminal history included a range of offences, from theft and assault to more serious crimes. His behaviour escalated over time, culminating in a series of brutal murders in August 2013.

What happened to Nikko Jenkins?

Jenkins was involved in a series of terrible crimes in 2013. First, on August 11, 2013, reportedly around 5:01 a.m., a police officer found a shocking scene at a city swimming pool near 18th and F Street in Spring Lake Park. Two men, Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz, were discovered dead in a white Ford pickup truck.

They had been shot in the head and their pockets were turned inside out. This horrible event happened because they were lured there under the pretence of meeting two women for a supposed encounter. It is worth noting that this devastating double murder occurred just under two weeks after Jenkins’ release from prison.

Moving forward, the corpse of Curtis Bradford was found outside a detached garage at 18th and Clark St. on August 19 at about 7 a.m. This unnerving find was discovered by a man who was returning home from a night shift at a convenience shop. Bradford had two gunshot wounds in his back and it was later discovered that he and Jenkins had only the day before posed for a Facebook photo. Only Bradford would have prior knowledge of Jenkins among the victims.

Andrea Kruger was Jenkins’ last victim. On August 21, 2013,  she was found dead after finishing work. Her car was discovered abandoned and damaged a few miles away.

At 168th and Fort St., a deputy sheriff responding to a report of gunfire found her corpse lying on the pavement in a disturbing condition. Near 178th and Pacific St., Andrea had just concluded her shift serving drinks. She was seen earlier on security video closing the Deja Vu Lounge at 1:47 a.m.

Later that evening, her gold 2012 Chevrolet Traverse SUV was discovered abandoned about 12 miles away in an alley at 43rd and Charles St. Investigators thought the SUV had been abandoned around 2.5 hours after it had been taken, Douglas County Sheriff Tim Dunning said in a public statement in the days that followed. Additionally, attempts to ignite the interior of the car were also made, but they were largely unsuccessful.

Jenkins was taken into custody on August 30, 2013, on a different allegation of making terrorist threats. He was implicated in the killings by this point, following the provision of evidence. Investigators had collected security video showing a female accomplice purchasing a particular brand of ammunition known as Brenneke Classic Magnum 12-gauge, sometimes known as “deer slugs”. This kind of ammo was used in the murders. More video was also gathered from cameras positioned along the road leading to Kruger’s abandoned SUV. This is more proof that Jenkins was connected to the crimes.

Jenkins confessed to all four killings on September 3, 2013, during an intensive eight-hour police questioning, which was a turning point in the investigation. He rambled on in his confession and said that these horrifying deeds were sacrifices done to the ancient Egyptian god Apophis. He was legally charged with four counts of murder after making this admission. The court process relied heavily on this confession.

Nikko Jenkins in custody

Jenkins wrote letters in November 2013 stating his wish to take responsibility for all four deaths. He also threatened to defend a deity’s dominion with unrelenting cruelty.

After that, on February 19, 2014, Jenkins took an unexpected action. He sued the state of Nebraska and asked for $24.5 million in damages. Jenkins claimed that being confined alone in a cell made his mental condition worse and that his cries about hearing voices from the god Apophis were disregarded. He used schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder to accuse prison guards of the killings. However, a psychiatrist disagreed, declaring that he had antisocial personality disorder and that he was feigning symptoms of psychosis.

Jenkins decided to represent himself after being given a trial-readiness score of 68 and being given advice by solicitors. He claimed during the trial that he had been acting on Apophis’ instructions. While the prosecution narrated the victims’ deaths in court, he talked in odd tongues, howled and even laughed.

Jenkins was found guilty of all four murders by Judge Peter Bataillon on April 16, 2014.

Initially set for August 11, 2014, the sentencing date was delayed indefinitely to check if Jenkins understood the death penalty proceedings. On July 29, 2014, Judge Bataillon ordered Jenkins to be evaluated at the Lincoln Regional Center psychiatric hospital. However, due to security concerns, he was treated at a Lincoln prison instead.

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In May 2017, Jenkins was given a death sentence by a panel of three judges for his crimes. He also received a 450-year sentence for weapons charges related to the murders. On April 20, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review his case, affirming his earlier convictions and sentences, after Jenkins tried to push for an appeal.

Nikko Jenkins in court

Bizzare behaviours

During his stay behind bars, he engaged in several horrifying and disturbing actions which further highlighted his mental instability and fascination with self-harm.

One such occurrence was in 2015 when Jenkins used a mirror to carve the number “666” onto his forehead.  However, the numbers came out reversed due to him using his mirror reflection.

Additionally, Jenkins undertook extreme forms of self-harm as an homage to the Egyptian serpent god Apophis, whom he claimed to worship. He reportedly sliced through his tongue and penis to make them resemble snakes. This gruesome act was accompanied by smearing blood on his cell walls.

Jenkins used some of these self-mutilations as part of his defence strategy, aiming to claim insanity during his trial. For example, the self-inflicted injuries were intended to support his assertion of being mentally unstable.

In one particularly alarming incident, Jenkins required 27 stitches for his sliced penis and nine stitches for his mutilated tongue, underscoring the extent to which he went to carry out these acts of self-harm.

Nikko Jenkins family

Jenkins was born in Colorado to David A. Magee and Lori Jenkins. Jenkins comes from a family marked by a history of criminal behaviour, instability and dysfunction. He was once married to a woman named Chalonda Jenkins.

His biological father, David Magee, had a criminal history that included drug-related offences. Magee’s involvement in criminal activities contributed to the turbulent environment in which Jenkins was raised. The lack of a stable and supportive father figure likely had a significant impact on Jenkins’ upbringing.

Jenkins’ mother, Lori, like David Magee, had a history of criminal activities, particularly those related to drugs. Jenkins was exposed to a chaotic and troubled lifestyle due to his mother’s involvement in illicit activities. This environment was said to have played a role in shaping his development into a troubled adult.

Nikko Jenkins with his gang member

Erica Jenkins, his sister, is serving a life sentence at the Nebraska Correctional Centre for Women in York. She was convicted for her involvement in the 2013 slaying of Curtis Bradford in Omaha. Erica’s criminal history also included a decades-long sentence for robbery associated with the killing. Additionally, she received a 20 to 30-year sentence for assaulting her cousin and fellow inmate, Christine Bordeaux, who had testified against the Jenkins siblings in the Curtis Bradford case. Erica had petitioned for a name change from Erica Ashley Jenkins to Illuminati Egoddess Erikka Prestige.

Melonie Jenkins is another sister of Jenkins. Specific details about her life and experiences are not widely available in public sources.

Nikko Jenkins age

Jenkins was born on September 16, 1986. He is 37 years old as of 2023.

Nikko Jenkins now

Nikko Jenkins is currently alive and incarcerated at the Nebraska Correctional Facility. His execution has not taken place due to legal arguments asserting that his mental illness renders him unfit for execution.

After being placed on death row in 2017, there has been some startling news of Jenkins. Jenkins made multiple suicide attempts while being held on death row. The most recent attempt happened in 2019 at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution, where he was hospitalised after using a cutting device to inflict injuries to his eye and slice his neck. This was not the first instance; Jenkins had previously attempted to slash his throat in April 2018.

Another surprising thing happened while Jenkins was on death row. In 2019, a Texan woman named Dawn Arguello expressed her intention to marry Jenkins, despite his pending death sentence. The pair connected while Arguello was volunteering for an inmate advocacy group. Despite his dark past, Arguello caught interest in Jenkins, describing him as sensitive and intelligent. Jenkins, who has a history of self-mutilation, went on to tattoo Arguello’s name on his head.

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