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Content creator who’s influential with pets, advances animal welfare



Oga Duke is a charismatic content creator and proud dog parent who has captured the hearts of many with his endearing companion, Duke, a miniature schnauzer. His journey into the realm of internet stardom was unexpected, propelled by the delightful and unique content he creates alongside his furry friend.

From being a first-class graduate in computer science to evolving into becoming one of the top pet influencers in Nigeria, Duke’s story is a testament to the power of authentic connection and the profound bond between a pet and its owner.

Oga Duke biography

Oga Duke posing with his dog

Oreoluwa Osoba, widely recognised as Oga Duke, hails from Ogun State. A first-class graduate in computer science, he spent the majority of his life in Lagos State and he is the youngest member of his family. He describes himself as the family’s comedian, bringing laughter to those around him and enjoying the company of a select few friends. He also describes himself as a proficient singer and a skilled cook.

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However, it was another skill that made him popular – communication and his showcasing of dogs as pets. He transformed from a friendly neighbour into an internet sensation overnight and continues to captivate audiences with the unique content of “Oga Duke & Duke”. His affection for pets dates back to his childhood when he always took care of them. Despite a near encounter with a street dog that almost resulted in a bite, his love for animals remained unshaken.

Oga Duke also emphasises the importance of animal welfare and serves as a passionate advocate for animal rights, incorporating inspirational messages into his content. His canine companion, Duke, is a miniature schnauzer which he adopted when she was three months old. The duo’s first online appearance garnered widespread admiration for Duke’s charming personality and their evident bond.

The proud owner once disclosed that Duke has been a profound teacher, imparting lessons in patience, care and playfulness. Duke’s lively and friendly nature has been attributed to have played a pivotal role in bringing out Oga Duke’s more relaxed side. The care and attention Oga Duke invests in Duke are evident in Duke’s stylish wardrobe showcased on his Instagram page.

His daily routine involves early morning walks, feeding and grooming Duke. underscoring the serious commitment required in dog ownership. Oga Duke encourages fellow dog parents to prioritise the well-being of their furry companions, emphasising the importance of understanding the specific needs of their dog’s breed and spending quality time with their dog.

With the rapid growth of his fan base, Oga Duke’s unique partnership with his dog has carved out a perfect niche for both pet and comedy enthusiasts. His interactive and relatable content sparked widespread conversations.

Oga Duke has earned the title of the “King of Pet Influencing in Nigeria” by elevating the care for dogs and other pets to new heights.


Oga Duke rocking agbada

He initially began crafting content with his dog without anticipating the sensation he would become. In the past four months, his name has undeniably echoed in the minds of pet enthusiasts across Nigeria.

With a substantial following of over 150,000 on Instagram, achieving YouTube partnership status and amassing thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel, Oga Duke has emerged as a natural star.

Reflecting on his unexpected fame, he admits: “I never knew I would be famous or become a pet influencer and content creator.”

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Oga Duke’s net worth

There is currently no information about Oga Duke’s net worth


Oga duke's dog

There is limited information about his family and his relationship life.

Oga Duke age

According to reports, he was born in the year 1995. Therefore, he is 28 years old as of 2023.

Oga Duke YouTube

Oga duke chilling with his dog

He has a YouTube page where he shares his content. The name of the page is Oga Duke and he presently has 5,1900 subscribers.

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