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Intriguing manga series whose theme revolve around digital age love dilemma



As a manga lover, you are bound to love the thrilling romantic adventure with a touch of technology in the manga “Operation True Love”. This is not your usual love story, it is a high school journey filled with surprises, strange alliances and the mystery of a forbidden connection. In this unique world, hearts are not just beating, they are planning and calculating. An ordinary flip phone might be the key to discovering true love. But is love a game or a serious endeavour?

As we explore deeper into this interesting tale, you will find yourself questioning whether love can withstand the pressure of algorithms and secret desires.

What is Operation True Love?

What is Operation True Love?

“Operation True Love” is a South Korean manga toon series created by Shin-ae Lee. This series follows the journey of Su-ae Shim, a high school student grappling with the complexities of love and relationships.

The Toon series takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions, blending romance with a touch of the supernatural. Su-ae’s romantic journey takes a surprising turn when she discovers Jellypop, a smart flip phone that adds an unexpected twist to her love life.

Operation True Love is not your usual high school love story. It has the usual stuff like crushes, jealousy and figuring out friendships. But with Jellypop, a magical system of love points, and plenty of drama, this webtoon is far from ordinary.

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Operation True Love characters

Operation True Love characters

Operation True Love would not be the rollercoaster ride it is without its interesting cast of characters. Let us take a closer look at the main players who navigate the twists and turns of high school romance, all under the watchful eye and sassy commentary of the sentient phone, Jellypop:

1. Su-ae Shim:

Su-ae Shim

The protagonist, Su-ae, finds herself in a messy situation. Stuck in a one-sided relationship with the indifferent Minu, she stumbles upon Jellypop, who opens her eyes to the cracks in her relationship and the potential of new paths. Su-ae’s journey is one of self-discovery, learning to stand up for herself and find love that values her.

2. Minu Kang:

Minu Kang

Su-ae’s former boyfriend, Minu, is the epitome of emotional neglect. He throws shade, dismisses her feelings and ultimately betrays her by secretly dating her stepsister. While he might initially appear charming, Minu’s true colours reveal a self-centred and manipulative side.

3. Ra-im Yun:

Ra-im Yun

Ra-im, who is Su-ae’s adoptive sister, harbours deep jealousy towards her. Fueled by envy and insecurity, she secretly hooks up with Minu, playing the role of the perfect sister while betraying Su-ae’s trust. Ra-im’s complex character delves into the darker side of sibling rivalry and the lengths one might go to for validation.

4. Eunhyeok Go:

Eunhyeok Go

Eunhyeok enters the picture as Su-ae’s unlikely love interest. Initially judging her for staying in a toxic relationship, he later warms up to her genuine and kind nature. As they become closer, Eunhyeok offers Su-ae a shoulder to cry on and a potential path towards true love.

5. Dohwa Baek:

Dohwa Baek

Adding a dash of fantasy and intrigue, Dohwa is a rumoured idol trainee with sky-high love points. His presence stirs the pot, making both Su-ae and Ra-im question their relationships and what they truly desire. Dohwa’s mysterious charm and hidden depths keep the readers guessing about his ultimate role in the story.

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6. Jellypop:


Last but not least, Jellypop is the sassy sidekick we did not know we needed. This sentient flip phone throws shade, dispenses hilarious advice, and serves as Su-ae’s magical guide through the minefield of high school romance. Jellypop adds a unique twist to the story, injecting humour and a touch of the fantastical into the narrative.

How to read Operation True Love

How to read Operation True Love

Craving to witness Su-ae navigate high school romance with Jellypop’s guidance? Here is a detailed guide on how and where to read the exciting Operation True Love manga.

Where to read:

WEBTOON official platform:

The official and primary home for Operation True Love is WEBTOON. Here, you can access all currently released chapters for free, with new episodes dropping every Friday. You can search for “Operation True Love” on the website or mobile app, or simply follow this link.

Readers can enjoy the latest chapter and several past chapters (usually the most recent 3-5) completely free on Webtoon. This is a great way to get a taste of the story before delving further.

WEBTOON offers a “FastPass” feature, allowing you to unlock and read new chapters ahead of the free release schedule. You earn FastPass tokens daily through various activities on the platform or you can purchase them directly.

Naver Webtoon:

As the webtoon originated on Naver in Korea, it is still available there. However, as a new reader, it is important to keep in mind that the platform is primarily in Korean, although some chapters might have unofficial English translations floating around.

Official Operation True Love Website:

Get your fix directly from the source. This website offers all released chapters for free, a sleek interface and exclusive content like character bios and author interviews. ( The official website has a cool subscription option. Pay a monthly fee and get access to all the chapters, plus exclusive bonus content like character bios and author interviews.

Operation True Love Fandom and Fan Communities:

Searching online for “Operation True Love Fandom” or joining relevant social media groups will connect you with fellow fans and offer access to discussions, fan art and fan theories.

Note: Every platform (WEBTOON, Naver Webtoon and the official website) lets you read the newest chapter and a few older ones (usually 3-5) for free.

If you cannot wait for the next chapter, WEBTOON has “FastPass” Earn or buy tokens to unlock new episodes early and stay ahead of the curve. Finally, both WEBTOON and Naver Webtoon let you buy single chapters using their virtual currency (Coins).

With all these in check, you’re all set for a thrilling adventure with Operation True Love.

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