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Geologist who made strange revelations about aliens, US government



Even though Phil Schneider is no longer here, the strange stories he told are still being talked about. Especially now, when there are several reports of unidentified flying objects (UFO) sightings in the news. Some Americans did not believe what Schneider said but others around the world thought there might be some truth to it.

Sadly, Schneider did not live very long to share more of his ideas and the way he died makes some people think there’s more to his story.

Phil Schneider biography

Phil Schneider talking on his podcast

Philip Schneider was born on April 23, 1947, in Bethesda, Montgomery County, Maryland, in the United States. Schneider did mention that he was raised in a military family, with his father being involved in classified military projects. His upbringing, according to Schneider, played a role in his later involvement with government activities and projects.

Schneider is an American geologist and structural engineer who gained some attention for his claims about government involvement in extraterrestrial activities and the existence of underground bases. He is alleged to have been involved in the construction of some of these underground facilities. He also claimed to have had personal encounters with extraterrestrial beings during his work.

However, it is important to note that Schneider’s claims are highly controversial. His story is often considered to be part of conspiracy theories surrounding secret government projects and extraterrestrial contact. Schneider passed away in 1996 under circumstances that some consider suspicious, but scepticism remains regarding the validity of his statements.

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Phil Schneider’s career

Phil Schneider's conspiracy theories

During his time on Earth, Schneider claimed to have worked as a geologist and engineer and he gained public attention for his assertions about secretive government projects and extraterrestrial encounters. His claims are, however, controversial and widely disputed.

Schneider alleged that he was involved in the construction of secret underground bases for the U.S. government. One of the most notable locations he mentioned was Dulce, New Mexico, where he claimed to have been part of the building process for an underground military facility.

He claimed to have level three security clearance, which is known as “Rhyolite 38”. Schneider made dramatic claims, claiming to be one of three people who survived a bloody conflict in 1979 in a subterranean facility in Dulce, New Mexico, between grey aliens, NATO and American soldiers.

Phil Schneider shows a chest wound
Phil Schneider shows a chest wound

According to Schneider, during the construction of the Dulce base, his team accidentally opened a tunnel to an underground facility occupied by a violent extraterrestrial race. He described a confrontation with these beings, which he claimed had a profound impact on his life.

In the 1990s, Schneider embarked on a speaking tour across the United States, where he shared his experiences and made various extraordinary claims about government secrets, UFOs, and encounters with aliens. He aimed to disclose what he believed to be hidden truths about these clandestine activities.

In the latter two years of his life, Schneider gave over 30 lectures all around the world where he discussed different conspiracy theories, including his own experiences. However, the absence of hard proof for his assertions made people sceptical.

Schneider’s discoveries and theories have made people more curious, even extending beyond his lifetime. The documentary, The Underground (2021), featuring Richard Dolan, Lee Lustig and Darcy Weir, explores the mysteries hidden beneath the earth’s surface and includes archive footage of Schneider discussing his findings.

In the TV series Proof (2020), which challenges controversial ideas, Schneider appears in archive footage as a geologist and engineer, inviting viewers to question what they think they know. His insights are also featured in episodes of Ancient Aliens (2019), a series that explores the connections between science, mythology, and extraterrestrial encounters.

Above Majestic (2018) delves into the origins, history and conspiracies surrounding the “Majestic 12”, a clandestine group linked to extraterrestrial technology, featuring Schneider’s archive footage. Additionally, Schneider’s contributions are highlighted in episodes of Unsealed: Alien Files (2014) and Hangar 1: The UFO Files (2014), both investigating UFO encounters and secret documents made public through the Freedom of Information Act.

In Unsealed: Conspiracy Files (2012–2013), Schneider is featured as a conspiracy theorist in archive footage as the series re-examines top-secret files disclosed through the Freedom of Information Act, challenging assumptions and searching for inconsistencies. These media portrayals contribute to the ongoing fascination with Schneider’s theories and his role as a key figure in discussions about government secrecy and extraterrestrial encounters.

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Phil Schneider’s conspiracy theories

Phil Schneider's smile

Schneider made several controversial claims and conspiracy theories. Here is a breakdown of some of his key assertions in a more understandable way:

1. Family background and alien implants

Schneider claimed that his father, Captain Otto Oscar Schneider, was a captured Nazi U-boat commander who was repatriated to U.S. Naval Intelligence. He alleged that his father was involved in the Philadelphia Experiment, designed the first U.S. nuclear submarine (Nautilus) and invented a high-speed camera revealing UFOs during atomic tests.

2. “They” and secrecy:

Schneider asserted the existence of a secret “Black Ops” nexus within the military, FBI and other government agencies. He claimed to be part of secret projects but broke his secrecy oath by revealing details about these projects.

According to Schneider, 11 extraterrestrial races are visiting Earth and this is known to the U.S. military. He mentioned four benevolent races and seven hostile ones, with some allegedly looking human. He claimed that aliens use human glandular secretions as part of their food base.

4. War against Earth:

Schneider asserted an ongoing war against Earth by aliens, with daily attacks by UFOs. He linked an ancient alien base to atomic tests at Bikini Atoll and claimed that millions of humans had been slaughtered by aliens.

5. New world order and alien agenda:

Schneider suggested a connection between aliens and the formation of a “New World Order”. He claimed that the alien agenda was to drastically reduce Earth’s population and take over by 2029, reducing the surviving population to slaves.

6. Stealth aircraft technology

Schneider claimed that stealth aircraft technology originated from alien technology using elements beyond those known on Earth (Elements 111–140). He suggested that the public would take decades to access such technology.

7. Black budget projects:

According to Schneider, the U.S. government funds “black budget projects” cost trillions of dollars and they are primarily through illegal drug-related activities. He claimed that government workers involved in these projects maintain silence due to secrecy oaths and the lucrative nature of their work.

Phil Schneider and daghter

8. Underground bases:

Schneider claimed the existence of 131 U.S. underground bases and a worldwide total of 1477. He alleged that over a quadrillion dollars had been spent since 1940 on these bases, constructed using a nuclear boring machine developed by the Krupp Works in Germany.

9. Alien colonisation and weather modification:

Schneider stated that some aliens had colonised underground bases on Earth for thousands, or possibly, hundreds of thousands of years. He also claimed that the U.S. government collaborated with Russia to modify the weather using HAARP technology.

10. Military technology advancement:

Schneider asserted a significant gap between military and public technology, claiming that military technology is currently about 1200 years more advanced than public state technology.

11. Dulce incident:

Schneider described an incident in Dulce, New Mexico, in 1979, where he claimed to have encountered hostile aliens, shot and killed two with his pistol, and survived a radioactive blast that resulted in severe injuries and long-term health issues. He also alleged that 66 “Delta Force” soldiers died in the underground base during the incident.

Phil Schneider’s net worth

Schneider’s net worth was not publicly disclosed while he was alive.

Phil Schneider family

Phil Schneider's family

Schneider got married to Cynthia Drayer in 1987. The couple had one child, named Marie. However, their marriage ended in divorce.

After their divorce, Phil Schneider continued to be active in speaking engagements, touring the United States and sharing his controversial accounts of government secrets, underground bases and encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Schneider’s parents were Oscar and Sally Schneider.

Oscar Schneider was a captain in the United States Navy. He worked in the field of nuclear medicine and played a role in designing the first nuclear submarines. He was also involved in Operation Crossroads, a series of nuclear weapon tests conducted by the United States in the Pacific. The operation took place in 1946.

Phil Schneider age

At the time of his death, Schneider was 48 years old.

Phil Schneider now

Phil Schneider now

Schneider is currently deceased. He died on January 11, 1996, in Wilsonville, Oregon. Found dead in his Wilsonville, Oregon, apartment on January 17, 1996, Schneider’s death was initially attributed to a stroke or heart attack by the Clackamas County Coroner’s office.

However, the circumstances surrounding his death raised suspicions, with some suggesting murder due to Schneider’s alleged leaks of sensitive information. Schneider had claimed to have survived multiple murder attempts while lecturing on conspiracy theories.

Officials ruled his death a suicide.

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