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Adult model who became famous after US Army Twitter account’s reply to her post



Quinn Finite is an American adult video actress, TikTok star and content creator. She became famous after an official Twitter account for the US Army’s Fort Bragg commented on one of her posts.

Quinn Finite biography

Quinn Finite selfie

Quinn Finite was born on July 10, 1997, in New Jersey, United States of America. However, some accounts say she was born in Canada.

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Quinn Finite career

Quinn Finite selfie in bed

Finite began her career as a model. Then she joined the adult entertainment industry in 2020 at the age of 22. She also became active on Instagram in the same year.

Apart from acting in porn videos, Finite is a TikTok star mostly known for posting videos of herself talking to the camera as if she were talking to a person and sharing comedy skits. One of her most viral videos on the platform has over two million views. In the video, she was talking to the camera about how hot things melt.

Quinn Finite OnlyFans

Quinn Finite mirror selfie
Finite is active on OnlyFans. She began posting content on OnlyFans in May 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. However, she became famous on the pay-per-view subscription site after an official Twitter account for the U.S. Army’s Fort Bragg posted some thirsty tweets on one of her posts. The account commented on her pubic hair and reacted to one of her nude images, suggesting that Finite and the Twitter account should engage in sexual acts.

This comment got the attention of use Twitter users. However, the account responded an hour later, claiming that it was hacked.

“As many of you may know, there were a string of explicit Tweets from our account this afternoon,” a representative for the North Carolina base of the U.S. Army said in a statement. “This was not the work of our admins. Our account was hacked. We apologize to our followers.”

The next morning, the XVIII Airborne Corps apologised for its earlier statement and revealed it was an “administrator” who was the source of the tweets. According to the unit, “appropriate action” was underway. However, Fort Bragg’s official Twitter account was taken down the same day.

Meanwhile, Finite has since responded to her sudden fame after the tweets. According to the Business Insider, she was in the car with her boyfriend when she started receiving hundreds of alerts from Fort Bragg’s Twitter account.

“Holy s—, this is the largest US military installation,” she said to herself.

Then, Finite began frantically sending messages and asking for advice from fellow sex workers in a private group chat.

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“I was just like, ‘Oh, ok. It’s just some guy saying some horny things to me,” Quinn recalled to Insider. “It’s like nothing too different — I get these types of comments every single day, hundreds of them, so I didn’t really pay attention to it until I reopened my phone again and had hundreds of notifications.”

Finite was ranked in the top 1.2 per cent of all content creators on the platform but was now in the top 0.14 per cent of earners following her “explosion”. Three weeks after the incident, she gained around 500 subscribers overnight.

“They kind of keep coming,” Quinn said. “I thought it was over, but there’s still waves. It’s so interesting to see how the internet works that way.”

“You can’t even pay for this kind of promotion. This is the jackpot,” she added.

As for posting content on OnlyFans, Finite revealed that she enjoyed working from home and the freedom.

“It’s been great working from home and having that kind of freedom,” Quinn said. “I love modelling and being creative.”

Her subscription rate is at a discounted price of $9.09 per month. To watch her content, her regular price is $12.99 per month.

Quinn Finite’s net worth

As of 2020, Finite was earning around $35,000 a month, with around 4,000 subscribers.

“It was plenty to live off of, but now I kind of quintupled my income,” Quinn said.

Quinn Finite family

Information about Finite’s family is unavailable for now.

Quinn Finite age

Finite is 25 years old as of 2023.

Quinn Finite Instagram

Quinn Finite has an active Instagram account, which has about 299,000 followers as of the time of writing this article.

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