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Rian Haynes’ Debut EP Is a Must-Listen for Indie Music Fans



Rian Haynes

Indie music lovers, rejoice! Rian Haynes‘ debut EP is an absolute must-listen for anyone who appreciates soulful, heartfelt lyrics set to beautifully crafted melodies. Titled “Home”, this 5-track EP is a stunning showcase of Rian’s vocal and songwriting talents.

Each track on the EP offers a unique perspective from Rian’s personal experiences, making them relatable and resonating with the listener. From the uplifting “Who We Are” to the introspective “Blindsided”, Rian’s ability to capture different emotions in her music is truly impressive. The EP also features the poignant ballad “Evergreen”, which showcases Rian’s vulnerability while touching upon themes of loss and the passage of time.

One of the standout tracks on the EP is “Tried”, a hauntingly beautiful ode to the struggles of mental health. Rian’s vocals are particularly powerful on this track, as she sings about the internal turmoil that comes with mental illness. The raw emotion in her voice is sure to leave a lasting impression on the listener.

The EP’s production is top-notch, with each track beautifully produced and mixed to perfection. The instrumentation is understated but adds an extra layer of depth to the songs. The EP was produced by Kelsey Landers, who has worked with the likes of Hozier and Joy Oladokun, and her work on this EP is remarkable.

Rian Haynes is a rising star in the indie music scene, and “Home” is an impressive debut. Her music has been described as a “blend of indie-folk and alt-pop”, and it’s easy to see why. Her unique sound and intimate songwriting make her a standout artist, and one to watch in the future.

Overall, if you’re a fan of indie music, Rian Haynes’ “Home” EP is a must-listen. With its soulful lyrics, beautiful melodies, and powerful vocals, this EP is a true gem in the indie music world. Rian has definitely set the bar high for her future releases, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

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