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Eagle-like nose that signifies power, elegance



Roman nose is one of the most desirable types of nose out there. Everyone has their image of the perfect nose. But does a nose make one attractive or even perfect? Many have found the answer in the Roman nose.

Therefore, this article provides details of a Roman nose and why this feature is found to be attractive.

What is Roman nose?

Cambridge Dictionary defines it as a nose that is higher than usual at the top. The Roman nose is also known as aquiline nose, a term that comes from the Latin word aquilinus, which means “eagle-like”,  an allusion to the curved beak of an eagle.

According to Qunomedical, the Roman nose origin can be traced back to migration out of Africa into the colder European subcontinent. During the process of migration, people’s noses got narrower and sharper to warm the cold air before it could inflate the lungs with its low temperature.

The nose is common in all ethnicities. However, it is especially prominent in some South Asian ethnicities like in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Roman nose is also associated with nobility, power, grace and elegance.

Aquiline nose features

Aquiline nose features

An aquiline nose features a prominent bridge, which gives it the appearance of being curved or slightly bent. It also has a noticeable bulbous tip, which commands attention but does not overshadow the rest of the face. In the Victorian era, the aquiline nose signified one’s social status and level of intelligence. It is also regarded to be superior to a snub nose in its suggestion of firmness and power. The aquiline nose has also been celebrated in art and literature, to reflect its cultural significance in various communities.

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Roman nose shape

A Roman nose has the shape of an eagle’s curved beak, which is why it is called an aquiline nose. It also has a sharp angle at the tip, earning it the term hook nose.


This nose is very common in Middle Eastern cultures, including Arab, Persian and North African communities. But you can find the characteristics in other ethnicities too.

Having a Roman nose is great. But remember that the perfect nose differs from individual to individual, society to society, country to country and even continent to continent. This simply means the nose is just one out of the many desirable noses out there. So, if you are not comfortable with your nose, take comfort in the fact someone out there wants the same type of nose that you have.

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