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OnlyFans model who treats netizens to mouthwatering thirst-traps



Seltin Sweety is known for being a stunning adult content creator whose photos and short videos earn lots of reactions and admirers on social media, mostly for her gorgeous looks and sex appeal.

Leveraging her influence on social media to push her career as an adult performer, Sweety, who is just two years into the business, has witnessed an impressive amount of growth since her entry.

Seltin Sweety’s biography

nerdy Seltin Sweety

Seltin Sweety, born on February 6, 2000, is a Russian model and adult content creator. She is known for her beauty and numerous sexually appealing photos. Sweety was born and raised in the Russian Federation, maintaining a private life regarding her family and early education.

With a height of 5 feet 6 inches and a weight of 52 kilogrammes, she possesses captivating features, including brown eyes and light brown hair.

At a young age, Sweety has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. She reportedly graduated from a local private school in her hometown.

As a model and actress, Sweety began her influencer career on Instagram, where she gained popularity by sharing modelling pictures. Her success on Instagram led her to venture into OnlyFans, a platform where she shares exclusive photos and videos, engaging with her subscribers. She later expanded her presence to Fansly, a platform similar to OnlyFans.

Despite being in the adult modelling industry, Sweety emphasises maintaining a natural body and has not undergone any surgeries.

Beyond her professional life, Sweety is known for her love of travel, having explored various tourist destinations. She is an animal lover and does not have any tattoos.

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Seltin Sweety’s career

Seltin Sweety wearing black bikini

Sweety’s career commenced on Instagram, where she initially shared alluring modelling pictures. The audience’s positive response and increasing popularity prompted her to explore new horizons. In 2021, she made a strategic move by joining the exclusive content-sharing platform, OnlyFans. This decision proved pivotal in her career, as she began to share unique and exclusive photos and videos with her subscribers.

Sweety’s popularity soared on OnlyFans, showcasing her entrepreneurial acumen and understanding of the evolving landscape of digital content creation. Her subscription plans, ranging from monthly to yearly, garnered significant attention, and Sweety actively engaged with her subscribers, creating a loyal fanbase.

Building on her success on OnlyFans, Sweety expanded her presence to Fansly, a platform competing directly with OnlyFans. This move further demonstrated her business savvy and willingness to explore diverse platforms to enhance her earnings.

Also, Sweety has expanded her digital footprint by managing her official website, The website serves as a dedicated platform for the exclusive sale of her media content. Fans interested in accessing Sweety’s sexually explicit content would have to navigate through this payment system to gain exclusive entry to the premium offerings available on the platform.

One unique fact about the Russian-born model is her commitment to maintaining a natural body image. In an industry often associated with artificial enhancements, she stands out as one of the few models without a surgically enhanced figure.

Seltin Sweety OnlyFans

Sweety strategically utilises two OnlyFans accounts, each catering to different preferences and subscription models. The first account,  @selti_free, stands out as a free-access platform, allowing a broader audience to engage with Sweety’s content. This account has over 200,300 likes, featuring a collection of 322 photos and 47 videos.

The content on @selti_free provides a glimpse into Sweety’s world, showcasing a mix of racy photos and short video teasers. These teasers serve as an enticing preview of the longer videos available on her subscription-based OnlyFans.

In contrast, Sweety’s second OnlyFans account, @selti, adopts a subscription-based model. Users can access the premium content on this account by opting for different subscription bundles. The pricing structure includes $15 per month for a standard subscription. Alternatively, subscribers can choose the three-month bundle at $29.25, the six-month bundle priced at $54 or the 12-month subscription, which offers a total package of $99. She constantly enjoys large amounts of engagement and likes across her posts. This particular page has a total of 334,400 likes.

The subscription-based account promises an elevated experience with exclusive and extended content, catering to individuals seeking a more immersive engagement with Sweety’s offerings. As of the time of this writing, Sweety’s second OnlyFans account has 926 photos and 97 videos.

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Seltin Sweety’s net worth

Sweety’s estimated net worth ranges between $100,000 and $550,000. This estimation takes into account her earnings from various income sources, primarily stemming from her modelling career, influencer activities on platforms like Instagram and her subscription-based content on OnlyFans.

Seltin Sweety family

As earlier mentioned, Sweety has maintained secrecy regarding information about her family. As a result, there is very limited information about her family.

Seltin Sweety age

Sweety is 23 years old as of 2023.

Seltin Sweety Twitter

Seltin Sweety

Seltin Sweety boasts a robust Twitter presence with a substantial following of over 96,900 users. Through her Twitter account, with the handle @Setlin_sweety, established in 2021, she strategically engages her audience. Sweety regularly shares stunning photos, often in revealing attire, using these images as a promotional tool for her identity as an adult entertainer.

Her Twitter bio briefly describes her professional identity as an “adult model and performer with a perfect natural body”. This description aligns with her strategic use of the platform to showcase her work and connect with her fan base. Additionally, Sweety optimises her Twitter profile by featuring a direct link to her official website, providing followers with convenient access to her broader content and services.

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