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Top 10 sexual memes to show what she thinks



Sex is no longer a taboo subject in most places these days. As much as it is no longer a subject to be discussed only in the bedrooms, we still do not talk enough about it. So, it makes sense that we now have sexual memes all over the internet. It gets the conversation going without feeling awkward about it.

Sexual memes are engaging and exciting. They are even great to set the mood with your partner. So, when next you want to “do the do” with your partner, why not spice things up by sharing a sexual meme?

Right, let us go ahead and discuss what this meme means and more.

What is a sexual meme?

A sexual meme is a meme that talks about sex. The sexual intent can be subtle or downright lewd. Some might even find it offensive. However, sexual memes are often meant to be hilarious.

Top 10 sexual memes right now

1. The perfect sext

The perfect sext

If you know anything about sexting, then you will agree that this is one of the best out there on the internet. There is no better way to get your partner in the mood than letting them know how you cannot wait to see them naked since you have been picturing it all day. So, go ahead, send that “sext” to your partner and prepare yourself for one of the best nights of your life.

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2. When he invites you to watch Netflix and chill

When he invites you to watch Netflix and chill

It looks like Netflix and Chill is the latest style guys use to lure the girls they like into their homes. It is a very common thing for a guy to tell a girl to visit him. We know girls love movies, especially Netflix, one of the world’s leading online streaming platforms. Of course, the guy is not interested in what Netflix is showing. He is interested in getting things going with that girl. For the girl, it can be an irritating act especially if the movie is interesting.

3. … and she runs away

... and she runs away

Girls love texting. They certainly love sexting and those sexts can be hot as hell. But when it is time to come and put their …well, bodies, where their fingers are, they are nowhere to be found. Na talk she talk, she no say make you kill am.

4. This is not about poems

This is not about poemsLadies love a long and deep ride. Oftentimes, the “poet” cannot deliver. Meanwhile, man is feeling disappointed with himself for not taking to cloud nine with his incredible skills. Do you blame him? He cannot kill himself. There are many stories of men dying on top of their partners after several sessions. So, let oga rest. And yes, we are not talking about poems.

5. Again?


Some guys have very high libido. There is a belief that the first round is usually the shortest and hottest. This has been linked to excitement and anxiety, especially if you have sex for the first time or with someone new. Anyway, when the first round is too hot, you might expect the partner to rest. But what happens when the partner wants to go another round? Well, sucks to be you at that moment.

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6. The thoughtful boyfriend

The thoughtful boyfriend

Sex is meant to be enjoyed. However, some sexual positions can be uncomfortable. So it feels nice to have a partner who puts your comfort first. It makes you feel special and adds more flavour to the sexual experience.

7. The hot virgin

The hot virgin

Even virgins can do wonders in bed. In a world where information is at your fingertips, nothing is hidden under the sun. It is just a matter of hitting some porn websites. So man, when you ask your semi-virgin partner where she learned her spicy skills from, that smile on Rihanna’s face is all the answer you need.

8. The walk of shame

The walk of shame

If you have watched the movie, Walk of Shame, you will understand what this meme is all about. This scenario usually plays out on university campuses where anyone can run wild and loose, especially on weekends. Hook-up girls and girls in sexual relationships are guilty. When they visit their partners, they look like they have just walked out of a Vogue Magazine photoshoot and when they return, they look like they have just been dug out. If you have ever seen a girl dropping out of a taxi like this, know that her overnight “Netflix” was rough.

9. Dirty talk

Dirty talk

Girls love to talk dirty. It is especially hot when you are both in public. You cannot wait to get her to somewhere quiet so you perform “laying of hands” on her.

10. That’s nasty

That's nasty

Answer to a great sex? A great foreplay. Some guys do not understand the importance of foreplay. They just want to get down immediately and be done within 40 seconds. Ladies do not like that. They want to be touched in several sensitive spots. They want to be licked, sucked and whispered sweet words that will make orgasm more intense. Without foreplay, sex cannot be enjoyed. So guys, try to do better. Do not just chop and go.

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