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From meme magic to nationwide phenomenon



The Shrek Rave has emerged as a phenomenon like no other. Inspired by the iconic Dreamworks movie series, this extraordinary event, born from the creative genius of meme maestro Ka5ssh, has swept across the United States and beyond, captivating the hearts of partygoers and meme enthusiasts alike. From its humble beginnings in Los Angeles to its nationwide conquest, the Shrek Rave has become a cultural sensation, a celebration of all things Shrek.

Join us as we embark on a journey into the whimsical realm of the Shrek Rave, where music, memes and magic collide in a swamp-infested gala of epic proportions.

What is Shrek Rave?

What is Shrek Rave?

The Shrek Rave is a British event featuring live music, entertainment and themed beverages inspired by the 2001 Dreamworks film, Shrek. Organised by “Like It. Love It”, these Shrek Raves currently travel across the United Kingdom and Europe.

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The inception of this phenomenon dates back to March 2022, when Ka5sh, a content creator from Los Angeles, organised a Shrek-themed gathering with a noble purpose—to raise funds for his sister, who had tragically fallen victim to a robbery and shooting incident in North Carolina.

Remarkably, this event managed to generate $10,000 in donations and, as expected, videos capturing moments from the gathering quickly gained widespread attention on TikTok. The outcome was a nationwide tour that took the Shrek-themed party to 33 cities across the United States. It was only a matter of time before this cultural wave washed up on the shores of Britain.

Photographs from the Shrek Rave showcase attendees dressed up as their beloved characters from the film, dancing enthusiastically. The party atmosphere is maintained by live performers, a DJ and a Master of Ceremony.

This rave fully embraces the world of Shrek. While the film was initially popular upon its release, it has gained a cult following over the past decade. Revived by Generation Z, Shrek has acquired an ironic coolness and has become the subject of numerous amusing memes. The Shrek Rave made its debut in January 2023 and has rapidly become a sought-after event, embarking on tours across the UK and Europe.

This event is exclusively for those aged 18 and over and includes sing-alongs to the movie’s soundtrack, costume contests with prizes, and exciting giveaways.

Shrek Rave Swamp Gala

Shrek Rave Swamp Gala

This vision, forged by Ka5sh, the meme monarch, transformed the living, breathing meme into a raucous party rave that swiftly captured the hearts of people. Its genesis was a response to the collective yearning for social merriment after the prolonged seclusion of the pandemic era.

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The inaugural gala, hosted in the heart of Los Angeles, erupted into an instant sensation. The pent-up thirst for revelry, combined with the magnetic presence of Rico Nasty and Yung Gravy, the titans of cultural destiny, laid the foundation for the rave’s future. Today, the Shrek Rave Swamp Gala spans from the East Coast to the West Coast, from the Rust Belt and is traversing across the world. The event has achieved monumental success, giving rise to a sequel, often referred to as the Spongebob Rave.

Yet, this gala is not solely a platform for people to embrace their inner ogre. It is a haven for forging connections. The venue continually fills with attendees beneath the luminous green lights and the meme perpetually expands. The costumes become increasingly fantastical, and the dance performances ever more legendary.

How to attend Shrek Rave

How to attend Shrek Rave

To gain entry to the Shrek rave event, attendees can purchase tickets through designated platforms.

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