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Pornstar who indulged in underaged prostitution before finding fame



Many fans adore Simone Richards, a well-known adult model. But not everyone knows her unique story of choosing this career at such a young age. Now, with lots of experience and a big name in the adult industry, Richards proudly calls herself a professional pornstar.

She has become one of the most searched-for personalities in porn lately. This article shares some interesting details about the beloved OnlyFans star.

Simone Richards biography

Simone Richards

Simone Richards is an accomplished American model and actress who has garnered widespread recognition primarily through her prominent presence on social media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram. Born on January 7, 2000, in Richmond, situated in the U.S. state of Texas, Richards is seen as one of the most sought-after porn stars in recent times.

She is recognised for her captivating dark brown eyes, brown hair, height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) and weight of 169 lbs (77 kilogrammes). She also possesses alluring physical features. Her body measurements are reported to be 44-32-46 inches, showcasing a curvaceous and well-structured figure and a bra cup size of 44 C.

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Richards boasts a diverse ethnic background, being of mixed heritage with both European and African-American roots. Her unique ancestry is a blend of her German mother and African-American father.

Speaking in an interview on YouTube, Richards reflects on the dynamic personalities of Texan women, including herself, Megan Thee Stallion and others. She emphasised that they share a sense of confidence and assertiveness, refusing to be bossed around.

Richards enjoys a massive level of attention from his supporters globally, especially on social media platforms.

Simone Richards career

Simone Richards flaunting her back side

Richards was first drawn to the realm of pornography when she started her career trajectory as an 18-year-old. Her path into the adult entertainment sector, nevertheless, took a unique turn. Richards said in an interview that she became interested in porn when she was a teenager after being released from a juvenile prison, where she had been involved in underage prostitution.

Over the years, the model has carved out a niche for herself in the adult film scene and on social media, where her Instagram and Twitter profiles serve as vibrant platforms for showcasing her unique style and eye-catching photoshoots.

The American model has not only embraced adult modelling but has also ventured into being a social media influencer and Instagram model.

In addition to making a reputation for herself, Richards has amassed sizeable wealth, which is evidence of her increasing success and importance in the field. She talked candidly in an interview about the difficulties of controlling her public persona and taking steps to preserve her privacy, such as blocking direct messages on Twitter.

Throughout her career, Richards has made significant contributions to the adult entertainment industry. Her presence extends to various adult film productions, where she has collaborated with content creators and prominent pornography companies. Richards has left her mark on several digital platforms, showcasing her work on renowned sites, such as Brazzers, Pornhub, Xvideos and Eporner.

Richards has been candid about her preferences within the adult entertainment industry. Notably, she has expressed her disinterest in girl-on-girl scenes, asserting that she does not find enjoyment in them. According to Richards, she has participated in only one girl-on-girl scene throughout her entire career and has voiced that she would not pursue such scenes in the future.

Simone Richards OnlyFans

Richards used to have to have an OnlyFans account under the username @lifeofsimone. However, as of the current day, she is nowhere to be found on the platform. Her videos, however, are still available on several adult websites.

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Simone Richards’ net worth

While precise figures can be challenging to ascertain due to the model’s non-disclosure of this part of her life, Richards has accumulated a net worth that is approximately $200,000, according to media reports.

Simone Richards family

Simone Richards sipping a drink at an event

Richards prefers to keep details about her family relatively private. Specific information about her family members, such as their names and occupations, is not publicly disclosed.

However, in a broader context, Richards has mentioned in interviews that she comes from a mixed ethnic background. She also mentioned that she has a sister but never mentioned if she was an older or younger sibling.

Simone Richards age

As of 2023, Richards is 23 years old.

Simone Richards Instagram

Simone Richards mirror selfie

Simone Richards has taken a hiatus from social media, including Instagram and Twitter, leading fans to speculate about her whereabouts and activities. While the reasons for her social media break remain undisclosed, Richards’ fans are eagerly awaiting her reappearance and are curious about what the renowned model has in store for her future endeavours.

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