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Top 10 waiting skeleton memes that will tickle your funny bones



Skeletons have been subjects of interesting topics. One would think that people will be spooked whenever they hear about skeletons. However, they have been featured in so many movies and books that they have lost their spookiness. Now, we even have skeleton memes which have some of the most hilarious content you can find on the internet.

A skeleton is an internal framework that supports the structure of an animal. An adult human skeleton is made up of 206 bones, which consist of the skull, spine (vertebrae), ribs, arms and legs. Skeletons are not pleasant looking. Indeed, they are great inspirations for spooky events, including horror movies and Halloween.

However, this article focuses on the top 10 skeletons that will tickle your funny bones.

What is a skeleton meme?

A skeleton meme is an image or video of a skeleton with a text written over it. This meme is often hilarious, even though skeletons are spooky creatures for zombie movies and Halloweens. The most popular skeleton memes are often memes depicting someone sitting in one place and waiting for a long time until they turn into a skeleton.

Skeleton memes are meant to be funny. But you cannot completely remove their spookiness or sadness. Hey, they are skeletons, so they have a reputation to uphold.

Top 10 skeleton memes

1. The waiting ex

The waiting ex

Have you been served a hot breakfast by an ex? Did they dump you with the hopes of finding someone else better than you? If that is so, the memory always leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Breakups are often messy and if you have experienced it, you will agree that you will not remember your ex with fondness, especially if you feel wronged by their actions. So, it will not be a surprise if you imagine them waiting for the “perfect” partner until they have died and turned into skeletons.

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2. When they don’t have a conscience

When they don't have a conscience

What will happen when you are waiting for heartless people to develop a conscience? You go wait tire. Heartless people can stain your white. No matter what you say or do for them, they are not going to change. However, if you still want to entertain a saviour syndrome and wait for them to get a conscience, you might end up like that skeleton in the meme above.

3. Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue

They say a patient dog eats the fattest bone. Well, seems that saying is becoming irrelevant these days. We live in a jet age when you have to be smart and fast to get ahead. Sometimes, patience does not work. When you want something, you simply take it. Otherwise, you will be dead and dried as a skeleton and you will still be waiting.

4. They are almost there!

They are almost there!

Yeah, most people are guilty of this one. Ever been inside a bus and a passenger is telling someone on the phone that they are in Lekki and would soon meet them, whereas they are actually in Ojuelegba? Na dem be this. Imagine the person on the phone waiting with the hope that they would soon meet up. Lying about your location is almost the norm. The problem is the person being lied to will be on the receiving. Heaven help that person if their waiting is based on an emergency.

5. When you are a grown adult and still single

When you are a grown adult and still single

Being an eligible bachelor and spinster in Nigeria is hard. It is hard for the men but harder for the women. When you get to a certain age, family members and friends will be expecting you to settle down and start a family. The problem is you cannot force love or relationship not to talk of marriage. You have to wait for the right person. Unfortunately, many many loved ones do not understand that.

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6. Covid lockdown

Covid lockdown

2020 will always go down as one of the worst years in human history. This was the year of the coronavirus pandemic, which sent the entire world on a total lockdown. People were forced to stay in their homes. Those who were already exposed to the disease were forced into quarantine. This period was understandably hard for extroverts who are people persons’. You can imagine them peeking out the window to know what was going on outside while they wait for the quarantine to end.

7. Installing Windows update

Installing Windows update

This is one of the most frustrating moments of using a computer. The waiting can drive you so crazy that you are seriously tempted to smash the computer on the floor. But when you remember how much you bought and how much it must cost now that the dollar is rising steadily like puff puff in Nigeria, you will be forced to summon that spirit of calm. In the meantime, you will be waiting like that skeleton while Windows continues to update.

8. Fear logistics people

Fear logistics people

Ever been disappointed by a delivery service? You are not alone. Oftentimes, they promise you timely delivery, pay on delivery and other perks. But then they fail to deliver when you need them. Pray the delivery service is not urgent otherwise, your name is sorry.

9. When you are crushing hard on someone

When you are crushing hard on someone

Love can make you do stupid things, including endlessly waiting for a call from a crush who may never call you back. If you are advised to give up and channel your interest, you will not agree. So, continue. You might get lucky. If not, well… what does not kill you, makes you stronger. Next time, you will learn that it is one thing to crush and another for the crushee to return the crush.

10. When you apply for a job interview

When you apply for a job interview

Times are hard. People are waiting for various means to survive. Finding a job seems to be the easiest solution to escape poverty. But the problem is there are very few jobs available. You have to apply for one anyway, hoping for the best. So, this is you waiting for the company to send a response, whether positive or negative. You are prepared to wait for that response even if it kills you.

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