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Online shopping platform for adult services



Skip the Games has gained attention for its role in the adult services sector. In the digital realm, sellers discreetly create profiles and post ads offering a range of sexual services, often omitting explicit references to money to evade suspicion.

This article delves into the workings of Skip the Games, exploring the dynamics of online transactions for adult services.

What is Skip the Games?

What is Skip the Games?

This refers to a website or platform that facilitates adult services, including escort services and adult entertainment.

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Skip the Games platform

Skip the Games platform

Skip the Games enables users to engage in virtual transactions similar to any online shopping platform. However, on these websites, individuals, often referred to as “sellers”, create profiles and post advertisements for sexual services. They typically omit any explicit mention of money to avoid arousing suspicion.

Prospective customers can then reach out to these sellers and make arrangements to meet for paid sexual services.

It is important to note that individuals seeking to participate in the illegal sex trade do not necessarily have to venture into the dark web. Numerous websites akin to this one may present themselves as dating apps, online marketplaces or other communities for consenting adults. Nevertheless, utilising these platforms to solicit or promote prostitution remains illegal.

Certain law enforcement authorities closely monitor popular websites used for advertising and soliciting prostitution. Platforms such as Skip the Games are scrutinised, allowing the police to conduct online sting operations and apprehend unsuspecting users.

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How to use Skip the Games

How to use Skip the Games

Individuals use this platform to engage in transactions related to adult services. On this platform, “sellers” create profiles and post advertisements for sexual services. Interested individuals, often referred to as customers, can then contact these sellers to arrange paid sexual services.

It is essential to note that the platform operates similarly to other online marketplaces, allowing users to conduct transactions virtually. However, the focus of Skip the Games is on adult services and users may use it to find or offer such services.

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