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3D online game to make your Christmas more exciting



Snow Rider is a fun, addictive game that will make your Christmas celebration more thrilling. It is a simple game to master but it will require a great deal of hand and eye coordination.

So, if you are looking for how to take your Christmas to the next level, why not try Snow Rider? Without wasting much time, let us delve into understanding the game.

What is Snow Rider?

What is Snow Rider?

Snow Rider is a 3D downhill snowboarding game that allows users to race down snowy slopes at top speed with a sledge (sled for Americans). The game was developed by Tuna Technologies and published by Phoenix Games in Holland.

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Snow Rider has the following key features:

  • Single and multiplayer modes.
  • Three main modes of play – a slalom race, a coin-collecting mode and a straight downhill race against the clock or up to five computer-controlled opponents.
  • Two characters and one track to initially start the game. However, up to five characters and three tracks can be unlocked depending on the user’s performance.

Snow Rider boasts an array of meticulously designed courses that challenge your skills and test your reflexes. You will encounter steep, narrow chutes that demand precise manoeuvring. As you conquer each slope, you will unlock a cascade of customisable gear and accessories, allowing you to customise your rider to your taste.

Therefore, your ultimate goal in this game is to ride as far as possible while collecting as many Christmas gifts as possible scattered along the way. However, you must avoid the many obstacles that dot the road such as trees, snowmen, giant snowballs or very deep chasms.

Snow Rider unblocked

The Snow Rider unblocked game is available on Google. You can play the game for free.

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How to play Snow Rider

How to play Snow Rider

Snow Rider does not require any download. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Playing the game is pretty simple too.

To control your sledge (sled), use the A and D keys or the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to steer you. To jump with your sledge, press the W, up arrow or space keys.

Also, go through the settings button to see and change commands and performance.

Finally, remember that the further you go, the more obstacles you will encounter. Avoid being hit as it will crash your sledge and you will have to start all over again. The good news is all the gifts you have collected during your ride are not lost. When you collect enough gifts, you can use them to unlock a new, stylish sledge.

With what has been stated above, why not try Snow Rider and break your record?

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