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4 ways to use sob emoji with other emojis



By now, you must have known that emojis are part of our daily lives. If you are using social media and you have never used emojis, you are wrong. The sob emoji is just one out of the many emojis on the internet.

Sobbing generally means crying noisily. It could be in pain, heartbreak, sadness or even happiness. Whichever one, the sob emoji represents all and saves you the stress of writing exactly what you feel online.

So, what is the sob emoji and how does it apply on social media? Find out when you read this article.

What is sob emoji?

What is sob emoji? defines a sob emoji, also known as a loudly crying face emoji, as a smiley that is crying uncontrollably. It could be due to sadness and frustration or laughter and joy.

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Shock sob face

Shock sob face

Emojipedia describes the sob emoji face as a yellow face with an open mouth wailing and streams of heavy tears flowing from closed eyes. This emoji can be used to express intense feelings like inconsolable grief, heartbreak, sadness or even uncontrollable laughter, pride or overwhelming joy.

The sob face emoji became the most popular emoji on Twitter in March 2021. It held this position until January 2022 before a face with tears of joy returned to the top of the micro-blogging platform. Meanwhile, the sob emoji face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

The following is how you can use the sob emoji face with other emojis on your social media page:

To express uncontrollable grief or sadness

Have you chopped breakfast from a romantic partner? Or have you experienced grief and disappointments? These are emotions that many often find hard to express. You can use the sob emoji to express how you feel perfectly. For instance, “My boyfriend broke up with me last night 😭 💔.”

To express humour

Who says humour should only be limited to a laughing face? You can use the sob emoji to express laughter, especially if it is extreme. “OMG, this video is so funny I’m crying 😭 😂

To express regret or remorse

If you have offended someone and you are seeking forgiveness, typing words may not properly express your remorse or regret. Adding the sob emoji will convey the message more perfectly. For instance, “I know I don’t deserve you. Please find it in your heart to forgive me 😭  🥺 🙏.”

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To express happiness

Have you met your favourite celebrity? Or you have been given a surprise gift? The happiness is usually indescribable. However, the sob emoji will come to your aid when you want to express what you feel on social media. For instance, “OMG! Guess who will be saying ‘I do’ very soon? 😭 😊.”

Shock sob meme

Shock sob meme

The shock sob meme is an image that shows the sob emoji, often accompanied by a text. It is often portrayed as funny even though the emoji’s face is sobbing uncontrollably.

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