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Website that shares stories about masturbation



If you are a prude, avoid SoloTouch. This is because the website is all about sex, particularly masturbation. Also, there are reportedly featured stories that relate to underage individuals engaging in erotic activities, something that is considered illegal in many countries.

However, if you just want to relax and enjoy some real-life erotic stories, this site is a great place to visit. This article, therefore, explains what SoloTouch means and how to read the stories.

What is SoloTouch?

What is SoloTouch?

SoloTouch is a free and open website where members, from 18 years and above, share their sex stories. The website was originally categorised into two main sections (stories and contributions). Now, it has expanded to include a forum, chat and other interactive sections.

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Most of the stories are focused on masturbation. According to the website,  you can read about things that people do not usually talk about at the dinner table, school or the office. You will learn that despite the asexual attitude of people in public, you are not alone in your sexuality.

Furthermore, the stories have been categorised by gender to include male and female masturbation stories. A further breakdown of gender categories includes female-male, female-female, male-female, male-male wanking stories, group co-ed, group male and group female stories.

In addition, all of the stories on SoloTouch are sorted into tags that can make it easy for you to find what you want. You can use the advanced search box on the right-hand side to filter the stories. You can also search for the stories you want by entering particular keywords or choosing a particular category from the drop-down menu. Stories are updated daily.

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The comment section has been designed to be no longer separate from the stories. Readers can submit accounts of personal experiences, comments and descriptions of their masturbation techniques. They can instantly comment directly on any story or technique when they are logged in. However, each story has to be reviewed before it can be posted.

Although reading stories on SoloTouch is free, there is a premium account that is paid for before you can access even more interesting content. SoloTouch content has been dubbed extraordinary, with an archive that has over 45,000 stories.

How to read stories on SoloTouch

Visit the SoloTouch website.

Click on the “Stories” section and enjoy your reading. However, you are required to sign up or log in to the website before you can post or like a post.

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