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Model constantly dragged for ‘photoshopping’ her pictures to look like ‘Barbie’



Sophia Vay is a young model and actress who has stepped into the world of adult entertainment with her unique style and content. While some find her content impressive, others criticise her for heavily altering her pictures on social media for trying to resemble the self-proclaimed “Barbie” she labels herself as.

Sophia Vay has received notable criticism for this specific aspect, sparking curiosity about her background and choices.

Sophia Vay

Sophia Vay biography

Sophia Vay is an Instagram model, adult actress, fitness enthusiast and content creator. She was born and raised in New York City, in the United States. Though she keeps her family background under wraps, her childhood was mostly spent with close friends and relatives in the city. Vay’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Vay’s journey into the world of modelling began at a young age. She garnered attention for her bold and confident content on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Back in 2015, she created her Instagram account, marking the beginning of her online presence.

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On social media, her physique is one major thing that has captured the attention of fans all over. She currently stands at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall and weighs 58 kilogrammes (128 lbs). Her body measurements are 34-26-40, with a bra size of 32D.

This has drawn many to the conclusion that the young model went under the knife to achieve her hourglass shape. Some fans claim that Vay photoshops all her pictures so she can look like the ‘Barbie’ she claims to be. Her sexy shape and Barbie look makes her stand out from other adult actresses.

As a result of this, this young model is constantly dragged by trolls. A troll once commented on her post where she vividly showcased her camel toe, slim waist and broad hips, saying: “Why do women go to these lengths for people to gawk at them? (The photoshop) is scary.”

The troll went ahead to drag the model, stating that she must be insecure for her to photoshop her pictures this much. 

While fans have these speculations, the adult actress is yet to comment on having any cosmetic surgery or photoshopping her pictures.

Sophia Vay career

Vay’s career took a significant turn when her images went viral across various social media platforms. This breakthrough moment catapulted her into the limelight, making her a recognised name. Vay regularly shares a stream of images and videos, offering a glimpse into her life and style and keeping her followers engaged.

Vay has also ventured into collaborations with fashion and clothing brands. Through her Instagram account, she effectively promotes their content, leveraging her influence to boost their visibility.

Diversifying her presence, Vay has established a presence on OnlyFans. On this photo and video-sharing platform, she shares exclusive content with her fans. Currently, her subscribers can access her content on the platform for free. This approach has garnered her a dedicated fanbase, appreciative of the unique content she provides. 

Sophia Vay OnlyFans

On OnlyFans, Vay has a verified account under the username @itkasloll. As of the time of writing this piece, she has 306 pictures and 123 videos. Vay allows fans to easily access her OnlyFans account as it is paywall free currently.

Following speculations that Vay worked on her body and makes use of Photoshop to alter her pictures, her picture on OnlyFans account further fuels this rumour. This is so because she looks entirely different with blonde hair.

Sophia Vay’s net worth

Vay is yet to reveal her actual income. Hence, it is difficult to estimate net worth at the moment.

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Sophia Vay family

Vay has managed to keep her family life firmly away from the spotlight. As of now, no details regarding her parents or potential siblings have come to light. 

Sophia Vay showing off her behind

Sophia Vay age

Vay was born on January 5, 2001. She is 22 years old as of 2023.

Sophia Vay Instagram

Sophia Vay has a verified account on Instagram under the username @sophiavayy. As of the time of writing this piece, she has 3,400,000 followers. Although Vay opened her Instagram account in August 2015, her first post was made several years later. According to her Instagram page, her oldest post was made in August 2021, although it is not known if she has made several posts before that and deleted them.

Looking at her Instagram posts, one thing is clear, her derrière is her favourite body part as she never fails to flaunt it in her posts. Again, typical of most adult actresses, Vay uses her Instagram page to promote her career as an adult actress. The young star sets pulse racing with pictures and videos showing herself scantily clad, sometimes topless, and sometimes in lingerie rocking sexy poses.

Sophia Vay looking good

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram/@sophiavayy

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