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Virginia politician who faced troubles over leaked sex tape before elections



Politics, they say, is a “dirty game” and this fact was proven by the controversial story of Susanna Gibson, a political aspirant in the state of Virginia, United States of America. While Gibson seemed to be on the right track in her political pursuit, her run was met with a devastating scandal. This controversy, which involved a pornographic recording of Gibson, dealt a blow to her campaign and somewhat put a dent in her reputation.

So who is Susanna Gibson? How did the sex tape controversy affect her political ambition? Read the full details below.

Susanna Gibson biography

Susanna Gibson with her dog

Susanna Gibson is a nurse and a  Democratic Party aspirant who sought to represent the 57th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. Born in September 1983, Gibson is the daughter of Robert Clinton Payne and Mary Susan Payne.

She obtained her college education at the University of Virginia and Columbia University, respectively.

Gibson gained popularity in 2023 following a sex controversy. This came after Gibson established her intention to run for a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates. She went on to receive the endorsement of former Governor, Ralph Northam.

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Susanna Gibson’s career

Gibson is recognised for her extensive career in the medical field, spanning nearly 15 years. She has dedicated herself to serving the greater Richmond community. Her professional experience includes roles in geriatrics, home-based primary care, emergency medicine, internal medicine and obesity medicine.’

Gibson’s career achievements include serving as the lead advanced practice provider for the VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) Division of Geriatrics. Additionally, Gibson participated in the CMS (Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services) Independence at-home demonstration. She worked towards exploring innovative healthcare models and initiatives aimed at enhancing patient care, especially for those requiring home-based services.

She played a pivotal role in creating, launching and managing a medical home clinic designed to address the needs of Virginia’s most complicated medical cases.

Beyond her clinical work, Gibson has actively engaged with the community. Her commitment to advocating for healthcare access and quality is evident in her volunteer work, which includes positions in lobbying and giving testimony at the General Assembly.

Adding to her contributions to the medical field, Gibson delved into politics, running as a Democrat for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Her political campaign was centred around various issues, including reproductive healthcare, women’s rights, LGBTQIA rights and environmental justice.

Susanna Gibson’s net worth

According to multiple sources, Gibson’s net worth is stated to be above $1 million.

Susanna Gibson’s controversy

In 2023, Gibson’s political campaign for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates became engulfed in controversy when it was revealed that she had participated in explicit content on the adult streaming platform, Chaturbate. The controversy unfolded with the publication of an article by The Washington Post, shedding light on Gibson’s activities on the platform and sparking a legal and political battle.

The controversy began with the discovery of explicit videos featuring Gibson and her husband on the adult website Chaturbate. The videos, which were streamed live on the platform, allegedly showed Gibson engaging in sex acts and soliciting “tips” from viewers in exchange for specific requests. The Washington Post reported that Gibson had more than 5,000 subscribers on Chaturbate and the videos were archived on various publicly available websites.

Susanna Gibson in her sex tape

She allegedly mentioned that these tips were in support of a “good cause” and at times would agree to perform certain acts only in a “private room”, requiring viewers to pay more for access. The article indicated that Gibson’s actions may have violated Chaturbate’s terms and conditions, which caution against requesting or demanding specific acts for tips.

Upon the publication of the article, Gibson responded to the controversy by labelling the exposure of the videos as “an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family”. She vowed not to be intimidated or silenced, accusing her political opponents and Republican allies of committing a “sex crime” to attack her and her family.

The attorney for Gibson, Daniel P. Watkins, said that sharing the recordings online violated Virginia’s laws against revenge pornography. Distributing pornographic or nude photos of someone else with the intention of intimidating, harassing, or coercing them is illegal and punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanour. Watkins said that, in reaction to the scandal, they were working closely with federal, state, and local law authorities.

The revelation of Gibson’s explicit content led to public scrutiny and raised questions about the impact on her political candidacy. Some argued that her actions on Chaturbate could be perceived as inconsistent with her role as a political candidate and advocate for various social issues. The controversy prompted discussions about the intersection of personal life and public office, as well as the potential consequences for political figures engaging in explicit content.

Impact on the Election

Susanna Gibson election

Gibson’s controversy unfolded amid her political campaign, introducing a significant challenge to her candidacy. The explicit content revelations became a focal point of media coverage and her political opponents used the controversy to shape the narrative around her candidacy. The article mentioned that Gibson faced Republican David Owen in the election for the 57th District in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Owen, her Republican opponent, released a statement acknowledging that he learned about the story the same day as everyone else and expressed empathy for Susanna Gibson during what he described as a difficult time for her and her family. He emphasised staying focused on his campaign.

Despite the negative publicity and challenges posed by the revelations, Gibson continued her campaign and accused Republicans of engaging in what she referred to as “dirty politics” for exposing her conduct.

Ultimately, in November 2023, the Republican opponent, David Owen, defeated Gibson in the Virginia House of Delegates race.

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Susanna Gibson’s family

Susanna Gibson with her family

Gibson is married to John David Gibson. They tied the knot on May 12, 2012. The couple’s relationship extends over more than 13 years, as evidenced by John David Gibson’s Facebook posts, where they made their relationship official on May 24, 2010.

Gibson and her husband are parents to two children. The couple has a son named Jack and a daughter named Lila. Gibson has shared pictures of her family on social media, and public statements, including a Father’s Day post, highlight her appreciation for her husband as a father.

The family resides in western Henrico. Gibson has earlier emphasised the significance of this area in Virginia, referring to it as a “special” place where they have chosen to raise their young family.

Susanna Gibson with her husband

Regarding her familial background, Gibson’s father is named Robert Clinton Payne. According to reports, he was born in October 1950 and resides in Danbury, Connecticut.

Her mother is Mary Susan Payne. She was born in December 1952 and is currently 70 years old. Mary Susan Payne resides in Charlottesville, Virginia. She had a career as an attorney and practised for  34 years. Payne has been actively involved in the Charlottesville community, contributing to various organisations such as Offender Aid and Restoration, Legal Aid, and Meals on Wheels, where she serves as the president. Gibson’s mother is reported to have made donations to several organisations, including Partners in Health.

Gibson has one brother named William Graham Payne. He is currently employed as the Director of Energy Transition at Caliche Development Partners. He was born in October 1986. William is 36 years old.

Susanna Gibson’s age

Gibson is currently 40 years old and will turn 41 in 2024.

Susanna Gibson Instagram

Susanna Gibson with her kid

Susanna Gibson’s Instagram account, @susannasgibson, offers a view into her life, blending personal and professional aspects. Active since 2022, she describes herself in her bio as a nurse practitioner, mother and dog lover. With over 11,000 followers, Gibson shares intimate moments of her life, showcasing family, including her husband, kids and pets. Her verified Instagram also serves as a political platform, featuring campaign pictures, news snapshots, and reflections on her passion for advocacy.

The account includes a link to her official website, providing followers with direct access to additional information.

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