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Identical twin sisters, OnlyFans models known for their incredible dance skills



The Maddison twins, April and Amelia, are identical twin sisters who rose to fame through their captivating TikTok content. They are also known for their incredible dance skills, which have propelled them to stardom.

Maddison twins biography

Maddison twins smiling

April and Amelia Maddison were born on March 10, 2006. They are identical twin sisters.

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The Maddison twins

The Maddison twins began their dance career when they joined the Gemini Dance Studio. Their incredible dance skills caught the attention of many. Hence, they appeared in the fourth season of The Next Step, where they competed with another set of twins from Gemini. Although they did not take centre stage, they were able to win the hearts of the audience by taunting various members of the show.

The twins also competed in Regionals with four other sets of twins from Gemini and made it to the finals. However, July 2023 was their month of breakthrough as the twins became viral sensations after their TikTok post – “Could you handle us?” – racked up one million views.

Their TikTok account has over 250,000 followers and about 1.9 million likes as of the time of writing this article.

Maddison twins OnlyFans

Maddison twins

Since they turned 18, the Maddison twins have had an active OnlyFans account where they post adult content including nudes and sex tapes. According to their bio, subscribers can watch their new “BOY/GIRL/GIRL SEXTAPE!” on “the ONLY place we can be ourselves and share our naughty twin side” daily.

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Subscribers can pay a discounted rate of $9.60 to watch their content for a month. Their regular rate is $23.99 per month.

Maddison twins’ net worth

According to sources, the Maddison twins’ net worth is estimated at $2 million. Their income is reportedly based on TikTok revenues, brand endorsements, dance performances, OnlyFans views and subscriptions and other undisclosed businesses.


Although information about the Maddison family remains unclear, it is understood that the twins have doting parents and a younger brother named Ethan.

Maddison twins age

April and Amelia are currently 18 years old and will turn 19 in 2024.

Maddison twins Instagram

The Maddison twins have also found success in posting viral content on Instagram. Their account currently has 205,000 followers as of the time of writing this piece.

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