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Top 10 thoughtful housewarming gift ideas for new homeowner



Chances are high that you know people who have recently completed and even moved into their new home. Whether it is a relative, neighbour, friend or even a friend of a friend, it is a great achievement, a blessing that should be celebrated. So, you are probably looking for housewarming gift ideas to help you choose what you will gift them. That is not a problem as you have come to the right place.

Everyone aspires to own a home. When that happens, there is usually a housewarming ceremony. In Nigeria, housewarming ceremonies are usually loud events like other events. Family, friends and dignitaries are invited. Even event crashers will be there to eat jollof rice and other delicacies.

In other words, housewarming is a big deal and you do not want to carry last with the type of gift you want to present. Oh yes, you are expected to come bearing gifts. Therefore, these are the top 10 housewarming gift ideas for a new homeowner.

Top 10 housewarming gift ideas

1. Bottle of wine

Bottle of wine

When in doubt, a good bottle of wine will do perfectly as a housewarming gift. It never fails to warm the heart, especially if the homeowner loves enjoying a glass of wine now and then. There is something special about presenting a bottle of wine, especially vintage wine, as a gift. Perhaps, wines usually represent celebratory or joyful moments. Hence, presenting a great bottle of wine is you wishing the new homeowners endless joyful moments in their new home. So, go out there and get the most expensive bottle of wine you can afford.

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2. Kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils

Gifting a kitchen utensil to anyone will always warm that recipient’s heart. Maybe it is because the kitchen is always regarded as the heart of a home. There are many utensils out there in the market – plates, microwave, toasters, blenders, spoon set, sets of pots and so on. Choose the ones you can afford and present them as your gift to the new homeowner.

3. Groceries


In Nigeria, they are usually known as foodstuffs. The new homeowners are not hungry. But helping them to stock their homes with certain groceries is a great housewarming gift idea. Foodstuffs such as a bag of rice, some tubers of yam, pasta, beverages or even a food hamper will warm the homeowner’s hearts towards you. You can never go wrong with those gifts.

4. Towel sets

Towel sets

Make the new homeowner’s bathroom feel like a luxury spa by gifting them a set of soft towels. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this gift. Not only is thoughtful, it is a delight. Think of the cosy feeling you will get after having a refreshing bath. The homeowner will think the same and appreciate your kind gift.

5. Dining sets

Dining sets

Someone who moves into a new house will need a dining set. Cultery, tea saucer, mugs, glass cup set, dining ceramic and food bowls are perfect housewarming gifts. The new homeowner will appreciate the thoughtful gifts, especially if they are well-packaged.

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6. Painting


Is the new homeowner an art lover? A beautiful painting will be the perfect housewarming gift. There are several painting ideas. You can buy the ones in the market or you can commission a painting portrait from a talented artist. Be sure to present a painting that truly represents the homeowner’s personality or interest. It shows that you are a thoughtful person and the recipient will appreciate you.

7. Home Decoration

Home Decoration

A vase, cotton holder, table lamp, rugs and throw pillows are great housewarming gift ideas for that new homeowner. You can find well-made, well-designed and affordable ones in the market or online. Home decor is the best, especially if the homeowner has an eye for interior decorations. Make them happy by presenting any of these home decor gifts. Not only does it show you are a thoughtful person, but it shows you are creative too. Who doesn’t want a creative friend?

8. DIY handmade gifts

DIY handmade gifts

Speaking of creativity, you must not break your bank account to buy an expensive housewarming gift. Sometimes, the things you need to gift these new homeowners are right in your hands. Personalised scented candles, customised key chains, jewellery, blankets, handmade handbags or purses, liquid soap, etc are thoughtful housewarming gift ideas you should try. Not only are they cost-effective, but they are also practical.

9. Kind gestures

Kind gestures

Gifts need not be the traditional ones already listed above, Sometimes, a kind gesture is all you have to do. For instance, if the new homeowner is not keen on having a housewarming party, you can organise one for them. It can be a little get-together or a loud party to shut down the street. It all depends on your pocket. Also, you can offer to run errands for the homeowner during celebrations, helping to make sure that the event goes smoothly.

In addition, you can contribute to item 7 of the event by gifting drinks, snacks or cooked food to add to the ones the homeowner has already provided for guests. All these may seem little or trivial but they count.

10. Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies

Make the new homeowner’s life easier by giving them a pack of cleaning supplies. Soaps, detergents, gloves, brushes, hand towels, napkins etc, are great housewarming gift ideas to present to someone who is moving into a new house. They can never go wrong. Do not worry about the homeowner’s feelings about what you may think of them. Be assured they will appreciate you for gifting them something so useful. They may not be able to mount them on the wall or hang them on the shelf where everyone will see them like the others, but they will remember your thoughtful gifts.


Now that you have thoughtful housewarming gift ideas for the new homeowner, it is time for you to go shopping. Which ones will you choose? Of course, it all depends on your pocket and the type of person you getting the gift for.

Keep in mind that a housewarming gift must not be tangible. A simple thing as running some errands can also be considered as a housewarming gift. It is the thought that counts and it can unlock years of a great friendship where love and light are constantly shared.

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