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Top 10 wolf memes that show strength and courage



The wolf meme is unlike other memes out there. Although there are various types, the trending ones are scarier. Wolves have been symbols of English folklore of strength, courage, wickedness, independence and pack mentality.

To this very day, wolves have been sources of inspiration to many artists and writers. Many of our blockbuster movies and television shows have been inspired by wolves. Some might say using the subject of wolves has become too rampant but there is something about those creatures that make them eternally fascinating, even though they are dangerous.

So, it is little wonder that the wolf memes have become popular on the internet. Therefore, this article presents the top 10 wolf memes that show strength and courage.

What is wolf meme?

A wolf meme is an image of a wolf with text written over it. There are several types of wolf memes, such as the sitting wolf meme, insanity wolf, laughing wolf, baby insanity wolf, scene wolf, three wolf moon and the courage wolf. However, the insanity wolf and Courage Wolf memes have become more popular in recent years, especially on TikTok.

Top 10 wolf memes

Although there are different types of wolf memes on the internet, this piece will focus on the memes that show strength and courage. According to Know Your Meme, the courage meme is an image macro series derived from the original Advice Dog series. The original image, titled: Snarling Gray Wolf, was taken by Jeff Vanuga in Montana and uploaded to Corbis Image.  The meme began to trend in 2008 and since then, there have been different versions of the Courage Wolf meme all over the internet.

Here are the top 10 on our list.

1. The protector

The protector

Wolves are known to run in packs. You do not want to mess with a member of a pack, especially when the alpha wolf has a fierce reputation. Wolves are very protective of their territory, including beings that they care about. The same applies to humans who are very protective of their loved ones. The message is clear: Do not mess with them!

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2. The lone wolf

The lone wolf

Wolves may run in packs, but there is always the occasional lone wolf. It is either the wolf is kicked out of a pack or it chooses to run alone. Either way, running alone does not mean weakness. It is a signal that you should steer clear of loners. Wolves can be dangerous when pushed to the wall.

3. Alpha wolf

Alpha wolf

This meme is a typical example of a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, we encounter people who betray us and throw us out there to be devoured by unwanted elements. What the frenemies do not understand is that some of us are born to be leaders. Throw us to the wolves and we will lead the pack. Just like the Daniel and the Lions’ Den story in the Bible.

4. I am karma!

I am karma!

We often hear the saying: “Karma is a bitch.” Karma is often seen as a retributory force coming from somewhere to pay people back for their bad deeds. But who says you cannot be karma? There are occasions when you have to become that force, especially when your loved ones are being threatened.

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5. I’m not one of them

I'm not one of them

Following the crowd can provide some sort of protection but it can suck sometimes when they are heading in a direction you are not comfortable with. Sometimes, you have to stand alone and fight for what you believe in, regardless of forces that might oppose you. Some people may be easily suppressed into following certain rules but not you who knows what is right and should stand by it.

6. You don’t know the full story

You don't know the full story

The mind can be powerful. It is the essence of who you are. The flesh may be controlled but you remain free as long as your mind is not under anyone’s control but yours. Anyone can know your story, from your name to your battles and scars. But they cannot know what is in your mind unless you show them. In other words, only you have the power over your mind.

7. The three sides

The three sides

No one is born a monster and no one is born a saint. We all possess the good and bad sides. So, when you are looked down on as weak because you choose to be quiet, remind your oppressors that you have a side they never want to see.

8. Life cannot break you!

Life cannot break you!

Oh yes, life can try you but it can never break you unless you allow it. All around us, we have heard stories of people who have conquered the unimaginable to become the success stories that are now celebrated. Are you passing through storms of life, especially in a country where nothing seems to be working? Do not let it break you. Instead, bear it as a scar of victory that will be a reminder that you were born a conqueror.

9. I will kick your ass

I will kick your ass

P-Square sang Do Me, I Do You. When someone takes upon him or herself to be an obstacle, an enemy of progress or a thorn in your flesh constantly plotting to bring you down, be sure to disappoint them by rising after every fall. Also, ensure they get a well-deserved payback for their actions. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. While at it, make it a double so they can truly know what it is like to suffer from the wickedness of others.

10. When you have been through hell and back

When you have been through hell and back

Life can test you so much that when you finally overcome, nothing ever really bothers you. This is when you know you are ready to take anything and come out the other side smiling.


The wolf meme is a meme of courage, strength, perseverance and dominance. Wolves are strong, fast and very protective of their territory and packs. Be like a wolf. Protect your own. When life tries to push you around, push back. Do not be discouraged. A time will come when you will look back on all your troubles and smile knowing that you are a conqueror.

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