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Top 10 would memes to hornypost on social media



The would meme is one of those funny memes that graced the internet in 2022. It is described as a reaction meme because it says more with less. Have you been horny but you cannot fully express yourself verbally for some reason? This is where the “would” meme comes in. However, there are other meanings of this meme.

So, read this article to learn the top 10 on our list.

What is ‘Would’ Meme?

The “would” meme refers to reaction images of various animals and people, who are usually depicted speaking into a microphone, captioned “would”. The “would” usually stands for “would have sex with”. According to Know Your Meme, the “would” meme is a form of hornyposting that began to trend in late 2022.

The first meme was a picture of a cat scratching its nose on a microphone captioned “would”. It was posted on September 28, 2022, by a Twitter user named @reactjpg. The post gained over 30 retweets and 320 likes in three months.

By October of the same year, the meme had inspired other “would” memes, as reactions to the photos and videos of attractive people. The most notable in this case are mug shots of female criminals which were posted on Twitter.

Since then, the “would” meme have remained part of social media trends, often being depicted in various hilarious ways.

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Top 10 ‘Would’ Meme

10. Manga ‘would’ meme

Manga 'would' meme

If you have been following this page, by now you should know what a manga means. Also, if you are a fan of manga, you can confirm that some can be sexual and sometimes, extremely sexual. So, it is not a surprise that there would be a “would” meme coming from a manga. And we love the look of the female character saying “would” over the microphone.

9. Anime ‘would’ meme

Anime 'would' meme

Like manga, anime, which is another genre coming from Japan, has its own “would” meme. This time, the character is not smiling at all. He is probably suffering from sexual frustration and has taken to the microphone to scream it out loud for the world to hear, lol.

8. E don choke ‘would’ meme

E don choke 'would' meme

Have you ever been so horny that your tongue is hanging from your mouth? This is the way you would look when you are begging for “it” from your partner or love interest. You probably should not go out when your konji has choked you to this point to avoid being a meme.

7. ‘Would’ meme gif

'Would' meme gif

We are doing GIFs now. This is when you are so horny that you are telling everyone you come across. Or it could be that you are so horny that you are ready to follow your partner or love interest anywhere to get “it.” Add the frustrations of explaining yourself and you have your perfect definition of losing your mind.

6. When you are forced to talk ‘would’ meme

When you are forced to talk 'would' meme

Imagine nursing your horniness quietly in one corner. You are not even trying to get noticed. Then you are singled out to express your feelings. Of course, you do not want to and not even the sexy hand of the lady holding the microphone can induce you to talk.

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5. When you need help ‘would’ meme

When you need help 'would' meme

This is for shy guys. If you belong to this group, you already understand how difficult it is to approach a love interest. You are going to need help with that. The meme above is how your helper will carry you to tell that love interest that you want them. To help your cause, keep that cute face that the cat has. Girls love cute guys.

4. Proposal ‘would’ meme

Proposal 'would' meme

When you are so horny that you have to write a formal proposal explaining why you need to get laid. Perhaps, your love interest is more than a potential sexual partner. You want something more. So you draft this proposal to convince them of a happy ending if they agree to your request.

3. You wouldn’t get it

.You wouldn't get it

When you experience a level of horniness that will drive you crazy, it only takes one with the same experience to understand how you feel. The rest, you can only tell, “You wouldn’t get it.”

2. Japanese parliament ‘would’ meme

Japanese parliament 'would' meme

One of the most viral “would” memes is a photo of the 2018 brawl in the Japanese Parliament. The meme went viral throughout December 2022. It shows an image of the Japanese lawmakers fighting over a microphone. Meme makers wrote would over the image, probably to depict people fighting themselves to ask out a love interest.

1. Original ‘would’ meme

Original 'would' meme

This is the original meme that started all “would” memes. It was posted on September 28, 2022, by a Twitter user, @reactjpg. With over 30 retweets and 320 likes in three months, this “would” meme of a cat scratching its nose over a microphone will remain one of the best hornyposting reaction memes of all time.

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