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Check out the educative fun game that sharpens your math skills



The name “Tricky Ball” evidently sounds like a fun, actual ball game which involves multiple players and might even be enjoyed on the beach. However, this assumption is not entirely accurate. While Tricky Ball is not a physical ball game, it can be quite enjoyable and educational.

“Tricky Ball” helps players improve their math skills, particularly focusing on multiplication, a feature not commonly found in other games. It is the educational aspect of the game that sets it apart from the rest.

In this article, we will delve into how the game works and provide a detailed guide to help you start and enjoy it at your own pace

What is Tricky Ball?

What is Tricky Ball?

Tricky Ball is an engaging educational game designed to improve multiplication skills while providing an enjoyable gaming experience. In this game, players are presented with math equations to solve and the goal is to answer these equations correctly and quickly to progress through various levels.

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The gameplay is centred around multiplication. Players must answer five math equations to move forward in the game. As you advance, more challenging levels with increasingly complex multiplication problems become available.

Tricky Ball offers an interactive and educational way to practise multiplication. It is particularly beneficial for students looking to enhance their mathematical prowess, but it can also be enjoyable for adults seeking a fun and educational gaming experience. Additionally, the game introduces players to a character named Tricky, who becomes part of the gameplay experience and undergoes colour changes as you continue to play fetch with Tricky’s Ball.

While Tricky’s Ball is an optional item in the game, it adds an entertaining and colourful dimension to the overall gameplay. Players can download it at the ThornTail Store, Google Play or other online platforms and engage in a game of catch with Tricky, which not only provides a break from the math challenges but also reveals Tricky’s unique colour-changing ability.

In essence, Tricky Ball is a math-based game that combines entertainment and education, making it a valuable tool for improving multiplication skills while having fun. Whether you are a student looking to boost your math proficiency or an adult seeking an engaging way to exercise your brain, Tricky Ball offers a delightful gaming experience with a mathematical twist.

Tricky Ball multiplication

Tricky Ball multiplication

Tricky Ball Multiplication is designed to help players improve their multiplication skills in a fun and engaging way. It is an interactive tool for learning and practising multiplication facts.

The game presents players with math equations that they need to solve. To progress through the game, players must correctly answer a set number of these equations. Typically, players need to answer five math equations correctly to move forward. This game is suitable for students looking to improve their math fluency and anyone seeking an entertaining way to learn and practise multiplication.

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How to play Tricky Ball

How to play Tricky Ball

Playing Tricky Ball Multiplication involves a straightforward set of steps to enhance your multiplication skills. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play Tricky Ball:

Step 1: Launch the game

  • Start by opening the Tricky Ball Multiplication game on your preferred platform or device.
  • Click or tap the “Start” button to initiate the game.

Step 2: Solve math equations

  • The game will present you with math equations to solve. These equations typically involve multiplication.
  • Your task is to correctly answer a set number of these math equations to progress in the game. Traditionally, you’ll need to answer five math equations correctly to advance.

Step 3: Select your level

  • As you continue to play and successfully solve equations, you will have the option to choose different levels within the game.
  • Each level offers a unique set of math equations with varying levels of difficulty. You can select a level that matches your skill level and challenge yourself to more complex problems as you progress.

Step 4: Gameplay

  • To progress through the game, click or tap to solve the presented math equations. The game may impose a time constraint, so you’ll need to answer quickly and accurately.
  • As you navigate through the levels and solve equations, you will improve your multiplication skills and enjoy the engaging gameplay experience.

Step 5: Tricky’s Ball (Optional)

  • Tricky Ball Multiplication introduces a fun and optional element called “Tricky’s Ball”.
  • You can purchase Tricky’s Ball at the ThornTail Store within the game. It is not a mandatory component but it adds an entertaining twist to the gameplay.
  • When Tricky, a character in the game, invites you to play, select Tricky’s Ball and press the appropriate button (often labelled [A]) to throw the ball and interact with Tricky.

Step 6: Discover Tricky’s colour changes

  • Playing fetch with Tricky’s Ball is not only fun but also leads to a unique discovery: Tricky’s color-changing ability.
  • As you engage in fetch games with Tricky’s Ball, Tricky’s colouration will gradually change. The ball itself is red with yellow stars and makes a squeaky sound when it lands. The colour cycle includes changes from purple and yellow to pink and purple, and then to aqua-blue and lemon-green.
  • Each colour change impacts the amount of a resource called Grub Tub that Tricky uses for certain actions in the game.

By following these steps, you can enjoy and make the most of the Tricky Ball Multiplication game, simultaneously entertainingly enhancing your multiplication skills.

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