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Top 10 unskilled jobs you can do abroad



If you are reading this, you are probably considering the prospect of relocating abroad for greener pastures. The only problem is whether you can find unskilled jobs you can do abroad that can pay your bills there.

Travelling abroad is like leaving your safe zone to an unknown destination. The prospect alone is daunting. However, unskilled jobs are available for migrants who want to make a living. Some of these jobs may not be your idea of a dream job but they do pay the bills. In other words, these jobs do not require formal education and training. Yet, they are in high demand abroad, especially in Europe and America. To know these jobs, read this article.

Top 10 unskilled jobs you can do abroad

1. Caregiver

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Caregiver jobs are arguably the most popular, especially among Nigerians who plan to move abroad. The ageing population is growing in Europe and America. Senior citizens are expected to reach 22 per cent of the population by 2050 in the United States of America, according to Caring Senior Service. This means the demand for caregivers will be high for years to come, even during economic recessions. Also, caregiver jobs are often flexible, giving you time for other things like taking other jobs, focusing on your family and going to school. You can also arrange with your agency to work part-time or full-time, weekdays, weekends, mornings or evenings, depending on your availability.

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2. Cleaner

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Cleaning jobs are also in very high demand. Europe and America have many institutions and businesses that require the services of cleaners. As a cleaner, you are at liberty to take up as many cleaning jobs as you can handle. Also, many homes in these countries may require cleaning services too. So, you are likely never going to lack jobs if you choose to be a cleaner. Of course, it depends on the organisation you are working with.

3. Nanny


Almost every household in Europe and America needs a nanny due to the increasing rate of working-class mothers. These mothers cannot take care of their families and run their careers at the same time. Therefore, they opt to employ nannies to take care of the homefront while they concentrate on their jobs. Also, nanny jobs come with several benefits. Your employer may offer you accommodation, so you do not have to pay rent or even pay for transportation to get to your job. Besides, nanny jobs pay very well, especially in Europe.

4. Waiter

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Being a waiter is a perfect job for those who do not have skills abroad. You can serve food and provide other required services in restaurants, hotels and events, among others. As a server, you are required to greet restaurant patrons, take food orders and bring patrons their food orders from the kitchen. You are also required to refill drinks and answer questions about menu items. However, many restaurants may require you to have at least a high school diploma to be eligible for this job.

5. Housekeeper

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Housekeeping jobs may be tedious but they are very rewarding and in high demand. For this job, you are required to carry out cleaning activities like vacuuming and mopping floors, changing bed linens, sanitizing restrooms and dusting surfaces. If you are working for a hotel, part of your job requirement is to assist guests in various ways such as taking room service trays back to the kitchen after meals. You may even have the opportunity to work for cruise liners, hotels in major tourist cities or smaller inns in remote areas. Many employers may want high school diploma holders but it is not often a requirement.

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6. Factory worker

Factory worker
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A factory worker performs various functions in a factory. They can operate machinery to manufacture different products or sort, check and pack products and assemble them. The point is, that there is always something to do. Luckily, Europe and America boast of highly industrialised nations. So, you are likely never going to lack jobs as a factory worker. Some of the companies you may work for are beverages, dairy, pharmaceutical and leather industries.

7. Farmworker

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Farmers abroad may offer work opportunities to those looking to work abroad with little to no experience. As a farm worker, your job requirement includes feeding livestock, spraying pesticides, spreading fertilizer or operating farm equipment to plant and harvest crops. Farm work is physically demanding. But it can be rewarding if you know what you are doing.

8. Landscape labourer

Landscape labourer
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Like farm work, working as a labourer can be physically demanding. However, it pays the bills and, if you know how to play your cards right, it can be an opportunity for you to learn and start your own business. For instance, as a landscape labourer, you will be required to prune trees and shrubs, mulch garden beds, mow lawns, dig holes and assist with laying pathways and making repairs as needed. However, it can be an opportunity to learn the rudiments of the job and start your landscape services.

9. Security guard

Security guard
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Security jobs are common, especially in Europe. Everyone, including homeowners, companies and communities, needs trained security personnel to keep their properties and lives safe. However, you need some sort of security certification to be eligible for this job. The good news is such certifications are not so difficult to get. For instance, in the United Kingdom, you have to pass a Security Guard Training Course to get a security officer license.

10. Hotel front desk clerk

Hotel front desk clerk

The requirements for the role of a hotel front desk clerk include assisting guests with checking in and out of their rooms, providing them with room keys and telling them about hotel amenities. Some hotels will require you to book rooms for your clients ahead of their arrival. However, you may be required to be proficient in the official language of your host country. Also, most hotel employers require at least a high school diploma.


These are some of the many unskilled jobs you can do abroad. They can also give you the privilege of becoming a permanent resident of your designated country if you play your cards right. Some of these jobs are low-paid but they are good places to start.

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