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Michael Strahan’s ex who defended him during second wife’s divorce settlement



While many may be familiar with the name Michael Strahan, not everyone is aware of his first highly publicised marriage to Wanda Hutchins, his ex-wife. Although Strahan and Hutchins’ marriage lasted barely five years, their relationship was intriguing, resulting in two children.

Interestingly, despite their divorce, Hutchins would later defend Strahan in court during a legal dispute with his subsequent wife, whom he married after her.

Wanda Hutchins biography

Wanda Hutchins selfie

Wanda Hutchins, born on June 6, 1973, is a German-American entrepreneur, interior decorator and founder of Wanda Home Designs. Raised in Germany, Hutchins displayed a creative inclination from a young age, particularly in drawing. After completing her education in 1991 and graduating from a local high school, she pursued further studies, eventually becoming an architect and interior designer.

In 1992, she married Michael Strahan, a professional football player, whom she met during college. Their marriage ultimately ended after four years. The couple had two children together.

She is of mixed ethnicity, which consists of German and African American roots. As for her zodiac sign, she is a Gemini.

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Wanda Hutchins career

Hutchins began her career journey with a passion for making homes beautiful and functional. Leveraging her creative talents, she founded Wanda Home Designs, a company specialising in customising and refurbishing décor and furniture. Her innovative approach to design allowed her to breathe new life into old pieces, giving them a fresh purpose while adding a touch of elegance to homes.

In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Hutchins played a significant role at Strahan Global Outreach, a non-profit foundation focused on providing families with essential resources. Serving as the vice president and executive director during her marriage to Michael Strahan, she contributed to the organization’s mission of delivering exceptional customer service, home furnishings, and appliances to those in need.

Despite the challenges she faced, particularly following her divorce from Strahan, Hutchins continued to push her career endeavours. Transitioning from her role at Strahan Global Outreach, she redirected her focus to her businesses, including Wanda Home Designs.

Wanda Hutchins’ net worth

According to reports, Hutchins’ net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This wealth is attributed to her successful career as an interior decorator and designer, as well as a settlement she received from her divorce from Michael Strahan.

Wanda Hutchins family

Wanda Hutchins with her family

Hutchins is the daughter of Renate Hutchins and an African American father. She was previously married to Michael Strahan, a former professional football player and television personality. During their marriage, the pair welcomed two children: a daughter named Tanita Strahan and a son named Michael Strahan Jr.

Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan

Wanda Hutchins and Michael Strahan

Hutchins’ ex-husband, Michael Strahan, is a well-known figure, renowned for his versatile career spanning professional football, television hosting, and entrepreneurship. Born on November 21, 1971, in Houston, Texas, Strahan made a name for himself primarily as a dominant force in the National Football League (NFL). He played as a defensive end for the New York Giants for his entire NFL career, from 1993 to 2007. Throughout his tenure with the Giants, Strahan achieved numerous accolades, including seven Pro Bowl selections and a Super Bowl championship in his final season.

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Beyond his football career, Strahan transitioned seamlessly into the world of entertainment. He became a household name as a co-host of the morning talk show, “Live! with Kelly and Michael”, alongside Kelly Ripa, from 2012 to 2016. His charismatic personality, combined with his pleasant demeanour, endeared him to audiences worldwide. Following his departure from “Live!” in 2016, Strahan continued to expand his television presence, serving as a co-host on “Good Morning America” and appearing as an analyst on “Fox NFL Sunday”.

In addition to his success in sports and television, Strahan has ventured into entrepreneurship. He founded the clothing line “MSX by Michael Strahan” and launched a production company called SMAC Entertainment. Through these ventures, he has further solidified his status as a multifaceted businessman and media personality.

Hutchins and Michael Strahan’s relationship began in 1990 when they met at a soccer match in Germany. At the time, Strahan was 17 years old and attending Mannheim Christian Academy. Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship due to Strahan’s football career, the couple dated for a year before tying the knot in 1992. Together, they moved to the USA, where they started a family.

However, after four years of marriage and welcoming their two kids, their relationship hit a rough patch and this led to their decision to divorce in 1996. Following their separation, Hutchins returned to Germany to raise their children, while Strahan remained dedicated to fulfilling his responsibilities as a father despite the distance

The statements from Strahan’s autobiography, “Wake Up Happy: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide to Transforming Your Life” reveal the amicable nature of their separation. Strahan emphasised his active involvement in his children’s lives, debunking traditional gender roles by taking equal responsibility for their upbringing, even though they resided in different countries. Since their divorce, Hutchins has focused on being a single mother and providing for her children.

Strahan, on the other hand, moved on to marry Jean Muggli in 1999 after they had met at a spa. With Muggli, Strahan has twin daughters named Isabella and Sophia, whom they welcomed in 2004. Strahan resided on Manhattan’s Upper West Side as of 2004. However, their marriage took a turn for the worse, culminating in an acrimonious divorce finalised on July 20, 2006.

Muggli received a whopping $15 million in the divorce settlement from Judge James B. Convery, in addition to $18,000 a month in child maintenance. Legal actions resulted from Strahan’s contestation of the ruling. The former couple was to get an equal portion of the $3.6 million in auction earnings from the sale of their estate in Montclair, New Jersey, which was eventually ordered by the court to be held in March 2007.

Although the end of Strahan’s marriage to his first wife, Hutchins, was relatively quiet, details of their divorce settlement surfaced during Strahan’s subsequent divorce from his second wife, Muggli. In a bid to defend Strahan, Wanda disclosed that she received child support payments amounting to $2,500 per month. Additionally, the family resided in a $163,000 house in Texas, which was purchased by Strahan. Hutchins’ testimony in court underscored a sense of contentment and stability within their family, despite the challenges they faced.

Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell, and Strahan became engaged in August 2009. However, the engagement was called off in 2014. Strahan has supported a variety of issues in his personal life. Since around 2015, Strahan has been in a relationship with Kayla Quick.

Off the field and screen, Strahan has been active in philanthropy and advocacy. He has supported various charitable initiatives, including those focused on children’s education and health. Furthermore, he has been an advocate for causes such as LGBTQ+ rights and social justice.

Wanda Hutchins’ age

Hutchins was born on June 6, 1973. She is currently 49 years old and will turn 50 in 2024.

Wanda Hutchins now

Wanda Hutchins smile

Wanda Hutchins currently maintains a low profile, preferring to lead a modest life away from the spotlight. Her Instagram account showcases more pictures of cats than selfies, reflecting her love for animals. Alongside managing her personal life, she also runs a business called Wandaful Home Designs. The company specialises in repurposing and upcycling furniture.

With a commitment to her craft, she frequently updates her social media accounts, indicating she is always open for orders and showcasing her talent in furniture design and refurbishment.

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