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Top 10 weird jobs that pay well in Nigeria



When we think of weird jobs, we mean jobs that jobs we might not know to exist or that would be considered strange, something that no child would be interested in having when they grow up. However, the truth is the 21st century has changed a lot of things and perspective. Gone are the days when people have job limitations.

In those days, you had to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or even an accountant that guarantee financial security. Nowadays, any job can give you great pay depending on where you look. They may not necessarily be the first thing that comes to your mind but they pay the bills and they pay well.

So, do not dull yourself. Take a closer look at the top 10 weird jobs that pay well, as listed below.

Top 10 weird jobs that pay well

This list consists of weird jobs you can do that pay very well in Nigeria.

1. Firewood seller

Firewood seller

You did not see this coming, right? It will shock you to know that selling firewood as a job is a very lucrative venture. With the rising cost of gas and kerosene, many Nigerians are resorting back to firewood to cook their meals. After all, many Nigerians believe that cooking with firewood makes your meal taste better. Think of party jollof rice cooked with firewood and you will agree with them. Another great thing about this business is that it is not too capital-intensive for you to start.

2. Shoemaker


Years ago, shoemakers were illiterate low-income earners. They were usually found on the roadside, inside the market or walking around the streets with their tools looking for customers. Nowadays, shoe-making businesses have been industrialised. Go to Aba, Abia State, and you will see university graduates cashing out big time by making shoes. All the Aba-made shoes were done by shoemakers and whoever tells you they are not making good money is a liar.

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3. Embalmer


“Death is not my portion”, you might say. The truth is death is part of our existence. Everyone will die someday. Embalmers have embraced this reality and made a lucrative job out of it. An embalmer washes a dead body and embalms it by draining out the blood and adding some anti-decomposing or embalming fluid to prevent the body from decaying. They also repair or reconstruct some damaged body parts to keep them recognisable. This job does not require a high academic degree. All you have to do is attend any of the institutes regulated for such. Working as an embalmer is a lucrative one as it pays between N500,000 to N700,000 per month, depending on the years of experience and skills.

4. Funeral director

Funeral director
Brandee Wilkinson, the first black woman funeral home operator in Akron, a city in Ohio, U.S. Photo credit: Akron Beacon Journal

A funeral director prepares dead bodies for burial or cremation and makes arrangements for funerals. The funeral operator also conducts interviews to arrange for the preparation of obituary notices, assists with the selection of caskets or urns, and determines the location and time of burials or cremations. In Nigeria, this job pays between N300,000 to N500,000 per month, depending on experience, skills and location of the funeral home.

5. Sewer and drainage flusher

Sewer and drainage flusher

Who says dirty jobs do not pay? Being a drain cleaner or plumber as we say in Nigeria is a surprisingly lucrative job. The job description includes clearing clogs from various types of drains and pipes, such as floor drains, manholes, sewers, sinks, tubs, toilets and urinals. This job requires a person with a strong stomach as it is not the most pleasant out there. But the reward is satisfying, especially if your client happens to be well-paying.

6. Sperm or egg donor

Sperm or egg donor

Infertility is everywhere. In Nigeria, many couples are looking for various ways to conceive, especially if they find it difficult to do so naturally. Being a sperm or egg donor is an answer to their prayers. While you can take satisfaction from the fact that you are helping someone to have a child, also know that the service does not come cheap. As a sperm donor, you can make between N200,000 to N250,000 per month while you can donate your eggs for a price between N100,000 to N200,000. Some donors get as much as N2.5 million to N3 million for the men and N4.8 million to N5 million for the women.

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7. Surrogacy


Again, childlessness is a nightmare for many Nigerian homes. So, being a surrogate mom is a lucrative job. Sure, your body will go through the stress and changes that are associated with pregnancy but the monetary rewards are often worth it. As a surrogate mom, you will sign a contract with clients and go through artificial insemination to get pregnant with their baby. The process is usually long and stressful which is why you must study your contract carefully before signing it. A surrogate mom can earn up to N2 million and above.

8. Waste collector

Waste collector

Being a trash collector is a dirty job that no one is keen to have. However, life can happen and you must find ways to survive. Surprisingly, this job is a lucrative one, especially if it is your own independent business. People throw away trash all the time. Why not help them to do that for a fee?

9. Online dating ghostwriter

Online dating ghostwriter

Being an online dating ghostwriter is a super weird job. But it does pay well. The job requires you to write profiles for people on dating websites. You can do this as a freelancer by looking for clients yourself or working directly with popular dating sites and earning cool money.

10. Computer hacker

Computer hacker

Generally, being a computer hacker is often associated with negativity. One cannot emphasise enough how hackers have cleaned peoples’ accounts and plunged into the deepest types of poverty. In Nigeria, hackers are seen as yahoo boys. However, computer hacking is a valuable skill when you use it for good. Big organisations are always on the lookout for good hackers, also known as white hackers, to help protect their databases. In the world of the internet and technology that we are now, white hackers are the hot cake and be sure they earn excellent pay.

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