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How this creature’s funny image became an internet sensation



A wet owl is often hilariously grumpy. Do owls like getting wet? The answer depends on whether they got wet deliberately or not. Like every other hilarious image, the wet owl image became a viral sensation in 2021, leading to several memes and other reactions throughout the year and the early quarter of 2022.

Scroll down to learn more about the wet owl and its memes.

What is a wet owl?

What is a wet owl?

A wet owl’s definition is exactly the way it sounds – an owl soaked wet in water. In simple terms, it is an image of an owl which is drenched with water, often from the rain outdoors. An owl belongs to a group of birds called Strigiformes. There are over 200 species of owls and these birds are often solitary and nocturnal in their movements.

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An owl is a bird of prey with unique features that include an upright stance, a large, broad head, binocular vision designed to easily locate prey, binaural hearing, sharp talons and feathers designed to fly silently. Although owls hunt through the night, mainly consuming rodents and other small animals, they are often regarded as bad omens in many parts of the world, including Nigeria. So, they are often dreaded and killed. However, a wet owl often has the opposite reaction from a viewer as it often appears pathetic and grumpy.

Meanwhile, note that owls, like other non-aquatic animals, love to bathe once in a while. They usually sit in shallow water at the edge of a stream or lake and then flap their wings to splash water all over their bodies. Sometimes, they dive deep into the water and emerge, vigorously shaking off excess water and preening their feathers. Preening changes the arrangement of the barbs and barbules in the feathers. It also prevents the feather from becoming brittle by using oil from the preen gland at the base. In addition, it is believed that the oil has fungicidal and bactericidal properties. Besides, bathing helps remove lice and flies.

Wet owl grumpy

A wet owl is grumpy because, well… it is wet. But there might be other reasons. First, owls are not known to have any sense of humour probably because they are mostly solitary creatures. Secondly, soaking wet under the rain is not anyone’s idea of a good life, unless it is a deliberate act.

Whatever the reason, the wet owl grumpy is often greeted with laughter from viewers. The image has inspired a lot of trending content online and offline including literary and visual art, games, movies and even memes.

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In 2023, the wet owl meme is still a viral sensation in many online communities.

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