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What frog butt means to people with small butt



Frogs have made fine specimens for scientific experiments over the years. If you studied biology in secondary school, you have probably experimented with a frog as part of studying the anatomy of animals. Who knew that frogs would become the subjects of jokes and memes? The frog butt has drawn the attention of content creators online. Now, we have jokes and memes about amphibians all over the internet and they are not so pleasant if the jokes are targeted at you.

To know more about the frog butt and its memes, read this article.

What is frog butt?

According to Urban Dictionary, the frog butt, also known as mom butt, is the phenomenon that occurs when the bottom of the ass is flat and the top is wider, like a heart. This is often caused by a hard life, meth use or overuse of stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine and diet pills.

The frog butt definition is inspired by frogs which generally do not have well-defined posteriors. Frogs have a pointed or rounded vent (or butt). Most frogs have a slightly pointed or round rear end that does not have cheeks. These butt cheeks are often too small to observe. The vent (or butt) is the external opening of the cloaca. It is the exit point for faeces, urine, and sperm or eggs depending on the gender of the frog. The cloaca is a common terminal chamber of the genital, urinary, reproductive, and gastrointestinal systems in frogs.

From these definitions, you can see why a person’s flat behind is called a frog butt. It is a not-too-kind way to describe an undefined posterior, which can affect a person’s body image.

Frog butt memes

The frog butt memes are not so-flattering images of a frog butt which is trending all over the internet. The image began to trend on X (formerly Twitter) on May 13, 2021, when user @brusseIsproutz posted an image of a brown frog standing with its butt facing the camera. The post went viral and there have several memes about the frog butt since then.

Let us take a look at some of them.

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1. Where it all started

Where it all started

This is the first frog butt meme that set the pace for others. Here, the frog is standing with the back facing the camera and exposing the butt cheeks.

2. Look at the booty

Look at the booty

When you want others to notice your butt, you do some hilarious things like putting your head into a video recorder and exposing your butt in the process.

3. Coming for the Wrangler butt

Coming for the Wrangler butt

Wrangler is a popular jeans and other western apparel clothing which has been in business since 1947. So when you want the Wrangler butt, make sure you have the right one.

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4. Frog butt with a face

Frog butt with a face

One of the wonders of nature is you get to see weird things. This particular toad gained media attention due to its peculiar features like having a face that looks like a butt.

5. Mean people

Mean people

This frog butt meme is a sad representation of what it feels like to be mocked for something you cannot control, like having a small butt. The mockery can take a toll on a person’s body image and generally, mental health.

6. Frog booty

Frog booty

The frog booty meme is a visual comparison between the butt of a frog and that of a naked man from a movie. Some might see this comparison as uncool.

7. Hilarious


This is a photo collage of three frog butts presented in an unfriendly manner to make viewers laugh.

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