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Why do we celebrate Dragon Boat Festival?



Why do we celebrate Dragon Boat Festival? – The Dragon Boat Festival, often known as 端午节 (Duānwǔ Jié) in Chinese language, is a standard vacation celebrated in China. It falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese language calendar, which often corresponds to late Could or June within the Gregorian calendar.

The competition is held to commemorate the traditional poet Qu Yuan and is marked by numerous customs and actions. One of the vital distinguished traditions is the dragon boat races, the place groups paddle in lengthy, slender boats adorned with dragon designs. These races symbolize the seek for Qu Yuan’s physique within the river and are an exhilarating spectacle for individuals and spectators alike. Moreover, individuals take pleasure in consuming sticky rice dumplings referred to as zongzi throughout the competition. Zongzi are made by wrapping glutinous rice in bamboo leaves and filling them with quite a lot of components like meats, beans, and nuts.

In English, the competition is often often known as the Dragon Boat Festival and is formally known as such by the Folks’s Republic of China. It’s also typically referred to as the Double Fifth Festival, referring to the date within the Chinese language calendar.

The fifth month of the lunar calendar was historically thought of an unfortunate and toxic month, with the fifth day being notably ill-fated. To beat back misfortune, individuals would grasp calamus, Artemisia, and garlic above their doorways on at the present time. These vegetation had been believed to repel evil spirits resulting from their robust aroma and symbolic shapes.

Traditionally, the fifth month was related to venomous creatures and the onset of sicknesses. It was believed that snakes, centipedes, and scorpions appeared throughout this time, and other people had been extra liable to falling ailing. Due to this fact, throughout the Dragon Boat Festival, people sought methods to keep away from such misfortunes. As an illustration, they might show photos or paper cutouts of the 5 toxic creatures (snake, centipede, scorpion, lizard, and toad) and fasten them to their partitions or wrists as protecting measures. Over time, these practices advanced into elaborate ceremonies and performances aimed toward dispelling illness and unhealthy luck.

Some students recommend that the tales of Qu Yuan and Wu Zixu had been included into present vacation traditions to legitimize and strengthen the affect of Confucian students. The connection between zongzi, Qu Yuan, and the competition emerged throughout the early Han dynasty. Each Qu Yuan and Wu Zixu’s tales had been recorded in Sima Qian’s Shiji, written a few years after the precise occasions, to honor these figures.

Traditionally, the Dragon Boat Festival had agricultural and fertility roots, notably in southern China. It was related to celebrating the harvest, rice cultivation, and fertility rituals. Nevertheless, as cultural exchanges between completely different areas elevated, related festivals merged right into a unified vacation.

One other concept means that the competition originated from the worship of dragons. This view is supported by the dragon boat racing custom and the symbolic significance of zongzi as choices to the dragon king. Dragon boat racing showcases reverence for dragons and their energetic yang vitality, whereas the apply of visiting family and friends on boats additional integrates the dragon motif.

General, the Dragon Boat Festival encompasses various cultural components, reflecting the historic, agricultural, and legendary elements of Chinese language society. It’s a time for communities to return collectively, pay respects to historic traditions, and celebrate unity, heritage, and the colourful spirit of China.

Why do we celebrate Dragon Boat Festival?

The competition serves as a tribute to the famend Chinese language scholar Qu Yuan, who lived throughout the third century BCE. Qu Yuan was a faithful minister to the King of Chu, identified for his knowledge and mind. Nevertheless, his principled character and unconventional concepts precipitated him to conflict with different officers on the royal court docket. Falsely accused of plotting in opposition to the king, Qu Yuan was unjustly exiled from his homeland.


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